Top 10 Things to Do and See in Miami

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At the southern tip of the American peninsula of Florida is a place that has little to do with the rest of the country. Although the typical skyscrapers that make up the profile of so many other American cities are also protagonists in Miami, the truth is that the Latin air, playful and vacacional takes over here everything. Miami is one of those places that does not lose its paradisiacal halo with the passage of time. Like a good pure Havana you can get in the shops of the neighborhood of Little Havana, silent witness that reminds you that a good part of the population of the city departed one day from the island of the Castro in search of a new life . Although the best known part of Miami is the one that includes its beaches, the fact is that the city and its surroundings have enough more things to offer the traveler. List of the best things to do in Miami.


Top 10 Things to Do and See in Miami


1. Sunbathe on the Miami Beaches

Best Beaches in Miami

We name the most obvious first thing: enjoying the beach is the most common activity to do in Miami. Watching for years the long beaches of white sands and turquoise waters that appeared on our television at the beginning of the series of Beach Watchers, we all want to bathe in them. In addition, you will play with the risk and with the dreamy hope that, if something happens to you, it will be Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff who will come to your aid. Not worth it, years ago they stopped patrolling those beaches.


The offer of beaches in Miami is of the most varied. The most iconic is Miami Beach. It is a kind of man-made artificial island between the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay. Since the early 20th century, this place has been the most famous beach resort in the United States. The best hotels in Miami are in this area. Other beachfront options include Crandon Park Beach, a 3 km long family beach in Cayo Vizcaino; Matheson Hammock Park, which has a large swimming pool that is filled with sea water for the little ones; And Haulover Park, a beach that is located north of Miami Beach and has the only nudist beach in Miami in its northernmost part.



2. Explore Nature in the Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Best Vacation Sports in Miami

Less than an hour's drive from the city of Miami - heading to the south end of the Florida peninsula - you'll find yourself in the middle of a dense mangrove full of life. The Everglades National Park is the wildest natural place to see in Miami. Visiting this place will give you a clear idea of ​​the appearance of the Florida peninsula before the man will begin to drain the lands and transform them to their liking, destroying the native nature.


It is a gigantic park of about 600,000 hectares (the largest subtropical natural park in the United States), covered by subtropical marshes and jungles. It is the habitat of more than a dozen endangered species, such as the American crocodile, the Florida panther, and the West Indian manatee. It is best to visit it on night tours, when you do not have to worry about sunburn. Bikes can be rented and vehicles pay $ 10.



3. Best Vacation Sport With Kids to the Jungle Island

Jungle Island Best Vacation Sport With Kids in Miami

If you are traveling with family one of the things to do in Florida is to have some fun on the Jungle Island. It is a theme park where it is about instilling in the little ones the values of conservation and respect for nature. Renters range from parrots and flamingos to exotic reptiles, passing through different species of orangutans. The prices are around $ 28 per adult and 23 for children between 3 and 10 years. Children under 3 years old are free.



4. Walk in the Art Deco District

Miami Beach Architectural District Best Destination To Vacation in Miami

The district - or district - most famous of Miami is the Art Deco. Located on pedestrian streets in the neighborhood parallel to the sands of South Beach, it features no less than 960 historic buildings. Here was the famous Italian designer Gianni Versace. But you do not have to be famous to wander around the Art Deco district. Among the artists, models, designers and others, you also find tourists and normal people. The place is full of shops of all kinds (many fashionable), restaurants, bars and nightclubs. On weekends it will cost you to walk through its crowded streets, but it is when you can observe it in its splendor. One tip: the best sunsets are seen from the second floor of the Wet Willie's Bar.



5. Go shopping on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road Mall Best Shopping in Miami

If you are a fan of shopping, you should include Lincoln Road at the top of the list of places to visit in Miami. It is located just north of the Art Deco district. About eight blocks from shops and restaurants that became-in 1960- pedestrianized, becoming one of the largest outdoor shopping areas in the southern United States. Street performers and skaters go by bohemian cafes, restaurants of all kinds, art galleries and a great diversity of shops. Some recommendations are the bar at the bottom of the clothing store Base, the tasty Cuban coffee at David's Café, the small Books & Books store and Jonathan Adler's home design store.



6. Contemplate underwater Life at the Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium Best Vacation sport with Toddler in Miami

Another place to visit in Miami if you are traveling with family is the Miami Seaquarium. In this 15-hectare marine park you can see killer whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions. As a curiosity, commenting here was where the TV chapters of the Flipper series were filmed in the 1960s. The entrance to the park comes for almost 32 dollars for adults and 25 for children between 3 and 9 years.



7. Admire the works of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami

Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami

There are several good art museums in South Florida, but the MoCA (as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami is known) has made Miami appear on the world map of contemporary art. The museum, designed by Charles Gwathmey and inaugurated in 1996, is not only a place where works are shown, but it is an interactive space where talks, jazz concerts and classes take place. Among the artists who have permanent exhibitions are Alex Katz, Yoko Ono, José Bedia (Cuban painter) and Dennis Oppenheim.



8. Live the Little Havana

authentic Little Havana Best Places in Miami

In this neighborhood lives the Latino community, mainly formed by the Cuban emigrants that arrived here during years 50 of the past century. Miami speaks Spanish and most tourists take photos as they stroll along 8th Street. However, to savor the authentic Little Havana, you must get off the beaten track.


Try the burger of chorizo or lamb chilli in the little restaurant The Pub. Watch - or join - the tremendous dominoes that are organized in the shadows of the park Máximo Gómez (if you play, keep in mind that the Cuban domino presents Chips up to 9 double). Buy yourself some pure cigars at the local Tobacco Cigar Company in 1528. Admire a live show with music and dancing every Friday evening (Cultural Friday) at 1637 on 8th Street.



9. A Little Crazy Party in Coconut Grove

Party in Coconut Grove Miami

Another thing to do in Miami is to party without end. Coconut Grove trees cast shadows beneath a row of tables where a bunch of teens sipped their beers, drinks, and cocktails, right next to the marina. Evenings from Sunday to Wednesday the atmosphere is more relaxed and familiar, but from Thursday to Saturday the place is literally taken by the many students who come looking for a party. If you come during the classic Spring Break (spring break of the American students), you will find a generalized lag.



10. Visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami

Few people know that contemplating the largest collection of palms and cicas in the world is among the things to do in Miami. Florida's most important botanical garden was named after David Fairchild, an important botanist and plant explorer born in 1869. There you will also find an impressive collection of orchids and a variety of strange tropical plants. In addition, you can attend cooking and gardening classes, attend art exhibitions, buy plants and enjoy festivals such as the International Mango Festival. Tickets cost $ 20 for adults and you can get much more information on the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden website. There are many more things to do in Miami. If you do not know, buy a flight to Miami and find out.


If you are with kids, you can see recommendations Top 10 Attractions for Kids in Miami




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