Top 10 Family-Friendly Vacations in US

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Are you planning a trip with children to the United States? Then this post will suit you very well: Do you want to know which are the 1st most family-friendly cities in the USA for family holidays? Today we tell you!


We had already talked about 10 European cities family-friendly, or said in Castilian, cozy for families; This time we'll talk about the best American cities to travel with children. Would you like to know what they are?


Top 10 Family-Friendly Vacations in US


We has compiled a ranking of the top 10 cities in the United States for families with children, taking into account the offer of leisure and fun and the quality of their structures, among other factors. Let's see the result:


 1.  Orlando, Florida

Universal studio in Orlando Family-Friendly Vacations in US

The city of Orlando is famous all over the world for being the home of Disney World, but the city offers a mix of theme parks and original experiences difficult to find elsewhere, plus a great deal of shopping and shows. Just to name a few, to the aforementioned Disney World we must add Universal Studios Orlando, a movie theme park that we had talked about a while ago, and the world's largest Legoland. The Orlando Science Center is a state-of-the-art science museum where kids will be able to do a lot of interactive experiences, and for the more adventurous, what do you think of a crocodile-hunting trip to complete a family vacation?



2.  San Antonio, Texas

DOWNTON, PASEO DEL RÍO. Best Places to Visit San AntonioSan Antonio is probably a little known from a tourist point of view outside of the United States, but was chosen for its historical sights and the beautiful River Walk (pictured), a very relaxing riverside walk. Undoubtedly one of the visits that will motivate the children are the tourist ranches that are a few kilometers from the city, where you can live an experience of real cowboys! The city has several theme parks and a zoo that will delight the little ones, and the older ones can enjoy an NBA game, watching the famous San Antonio team, or a visit to the Alamo, the stage of the Famous battle that we have seen in so many films. It is also a city where you will find many people who speak in Spanish


 3. San Diego, California

sea worlds in san diego california Family-Friendly Vacations in US

San Diego is famous for hosting the world's most famous aquatic zoo, Sea World. This was the first park opened by the company, which was later added to Orlando and San Antonio, the two cities we have seen before. The San Diego Zoo is one of the most important in the world, with more than 4,000 animals. In addition the city has a spectacular climate all year round, so at any time of the year you can enjoy its more than 100 km. Of beaches. Amazing natural landscapes (beaches, desert, mountain range), Legoland (the first Lego theme park in America), remains of old missions, museums, San Diego has a lot to offer!


4.  New York, New York

new york best family-frinedly for vacations with kids

Is it necessary to justify the presence of New York in this list? It is a unique city, with a cultural and leisure offer that has few paragons in the world. Just to name a few possibilities to enjoy in your family vacations, the American Museum of Natural History is a Museum of Natural Sciences that will leave you literally without words, and we had told you a while ago. Central Park, the Empire State Building, 3 of the most important art museums in the world (MET, MOMA and GUGGENHEIM), State Island with Statue of Liberty, Broadway musicals.


5. Washington, DC

Museum of Natural History Washington, DC

The capital of the United States is a city where history is breathed at every step. You can see the White House, the Pentagon, the famous monuments to Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt that we see in so many movies, the Capitol, but without a doubt the place that no family with children can miss if visiting Washington is the Smithsonian Institute, A complex of museums that can be called in all fairness the largest museum in the world. Their collections cover the most disparate themes, but the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of Air and Space are the ones that will appeal to children, there is set the night movie in the Museum 2! Another important thing to keep in mind is that all the places we have named are free!



6. Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine family vacations

Another city on this list that may be unfamiliar is Portland, Maine. It has been chosen for its natural beauty and the offer of naturalistic tourism, and seeing the image we understand why. Sea, fishing, cultural activities and a historic port are some of the tourist offers of this city.



7.  Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts best Family-Friendly Vacations in US

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It was founded in 1630. Despite this, it is a modern city, but rich with history and tradition. You can not miss the famous Freedom Trail, a walk that will take you to the most important places of the American Revolution, following a red line drawn on the ground. In Charlestown you can visit the Constitution, a frigate from the late 1700's which is a veritable living museum. Also not to be missed are the Aquarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, and a visit (or why not go see a match) to the stadiums of the legendary Boston Celtics (NBA) and Red Soxs (NFL).



8. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois Family-Friendly Vacations in US

Chicago is a large city (2.7 million inhabitants) located on the shores of Lake Michigan, on the border with Canada. In winter the weather is hard, but the beauty of the landscape and the great offer of entertainment and culture make it the target chosen by 40 million people each year. It has hundreds of entertainment venues, more than 40 museums, 200 theaters and 7,300 restaurants!



9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis-S Paul, Minnesota topFamily-Friendly Vacations in US

The Minneapolis - St. Paul metropolitan area is built along the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers, and is made up of many cities, but the two most important are those that give the area its name. In addition to the classic entertainment and leisure opportunities of any big city (shooping, shows, restaurants, etc.), this area has a good offer of sports and outdoor activities (golf, cycling, sailing, winter sports, Gastronomic tourism, with canteens and artisan breweries.


10. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

We ended up with another city in California, San Francisco. Its famous bridge, the Golden Gate, is a postcard that we all know. It is situated on the bank of the great homonymous bay, and its steep streets have been protagonists of many scenes of persecutions of the tele and the cinema! It is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States, with its Victorian houses surrounded by the turquoise waters of the bay and low mountains, and its streets traveled by the famous trams. It has an important multicultural wealth, so you will find neighborhoods of different ethnic groups (ChinaTown, JapanTown) and a very interesting cultural move. In the surrounding area you can visit the Yosemite National Park and California wine country. Do not miss the visit to the famous Alcatraz prison!


What do you think of these family friendly destinations for your next family vacation? Have you visited any?

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