Top 10 European Cities to Vacations with Toddler

No comment 284 views - From Amsterdam to Berlin and from Iceland to Denmark, there are more places to visit with children than we could ever have imagined. From fairytale castles to the world's oldest zoo, to amusement parks and boat trips, restaurants and family-friendly museums; You will discover that traveling with children to Europe is easier than you thought. Gone are the days when traveling with children abroad is frowned upon and you will realize that moreand more cities are being prepared to be child-friendly. From parents with small babies to those with teenage Toddler, there is something for everyone. Get ready to take your creatures to the vacation of their lives! So relax, have a coffee, get a pen and read on to discover the top ten cities in Europe to travel with children.


Top 10 European Cities to Vacations with Toddler


1. Copenhagen, Denmark Best Places to Travel with Toddler

Copenhagen, Denmark best places to travel with toddler

Fairytale castles, inspiring landscapes, brightly colored buildings and a culture where both children and adults are treated equally make Copenhagen one of the first stops in Europe if visiting with children. It has one of the two oldest amusement parks in the world; Is a city so nice for children that they will want to stay here forever. Blue Planet is the national aquarium of Denmark and is considered the largest in northern Europe; The excitement is assured for both children and their parents alike, with its water walls and more than 20,000 animals. Copenhagen not only has a science center, a zoo, a children's museum and one of the largest outdoor museums in the world, but also offers parks to relax and where the youngest can run wild and free.



2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Top City to Vacation with Toddler

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Top City to Vacation with Toddler

When you think of Amsterdam, a city suitable for children is not the first thing that goes through your mind; However, the relaxed culture of this city makes it ideal for a family holiday. It is full of food that children love, like chips and pancakes and offers much more than going beer and partying to the red zone. It is a pleasant city to walk around and there are canal tours that offer breathtaking views for those who are tired of so much walking. There are bikes everywhere, so it is a good idea to rent one and pedal around the city. Do not miss the Tropen museum, where in summer the roof becomes a beach. Vondelpark, the most famous park in Amsterdam, will leave the little ones with their swimming pool, children's playground and cafeteria.



3. Paris, France Best Destination to Family Vacation with Toddler

Paris, France Best Destination to Family Vacation with Toddler

The most visited city in Europe could not be left out of this list. From street performers on every corner to delicious treats in every window, your children will have a great time in this city. You can not miss the Eiffel Tower, where you have to decide between climbing the stairs or taking the elevator; Children will revel in the enormity of it, even more than you. The Luxembourg Gardens are an ideal place for children to exercise their legs and participate in sailboat races, ride on the famous carousel and visit almost 100 statues that border the park. With museums, parks and galleries suitable for children, the possibilities are endless. The ease of traveling by metro makes this destination a must.



4. Reykjavik, Iceland Best City to Family Vacations with Children

Reykjavik, Iceland Best City to Family Vacations with Children

A safe and compact city that welcomes children of all ages, you should certainly top the list of important factors to consider when taking your children to Europe. Fortunately, Reykjavík offers not only that, but many other activities for the family. In a culture where babies are often left asleep in their strollers while parents buy inside; This is definitely a city you will not want to miss. From hot springs with pools and slides to northern lights to whale watching followed by Vikings armor; This city has endless things to do for all ages. Climb to the top of Mount Esja, make friends with the wildlife on Lake Tjörnin or try horseback riding through the valleys.



5. London, England Best Places to Holiday with Kids

London, England Best Places to Holiday with Kids

Harry Potter, Paddington Bear, Marry Poppins, Peter Pan; Where else in the world can both parents and children alike discover the birthplace of these classic children's characters if it is not in London? Castles, towers and authentic royal guards will thrill children of all ages. A great advantage when visiting London is the amount of free museums and discounts on public transport. For park lovers, prepare a picnic and head to St.James Park, where you can walk to Buckingham Palace via Green Park in the direction of Hyde Park and finally stumble across Kensington Gardens. For the little ones interested in the armory, do not miss visiting the Tower of London to see an impressive array of armament and crown jewels.



6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain destinations to travel with toddler

With vibrant colors along the streets and a culture pleasing to children, Barcelona wants to be discovered by both adults and children. La Rambla, the most famous street in Barcelona, is filled with street artists who swallow fire, juggle with swords and delight the little ones. If you feel adventurous, take a chairlift to the top of the Colom Viewpoint, where you will have exceptional views of the port. One thing you will not want to miss is the Chocolate Museum, where you will have the opportunity to participate in the elaboration and tasting of all those delicacies made of chocolate. Last but not least, go visit the Tibidabo, an amusement park that has an old Ferris wheel and other lovely places.



7. Vienna, Austria

 Vienna, Austria family-friendly to vacation with baby

In addition to having one of the best public transport systems in the world, Vienna has gone further to make it a friendly city for children. The Schonbrunn Palace must be the first pit stop on your adventure through this place. It is full of gardens, has the oldest zoo in the world; A visit to the palace and the children's museum and you will realize that you have spent a whole day here. The Belvedere is a must-see museum on this trip and you can easily have children entertained with a special art detective book that will allow them to embark on a treasure hunt throughout the museum. A trip to Vienna will not be complete without an ice cream and a carriage ride through the city. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views.



8. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy top city for toddler destinations

Where the locals admit that the children run from here to there, where pizza is the favorite food and history is full of gladiators and battles; This city is a paradise for children. Although there is a lot to walk around Rome, there are a number of alternatives such as buses, where you go down and up wherever you want, bike taxis and subway, which make moving around much easier (and fun). With water fountains at every corner, steps to climb and the ancient Colosseum to be explored, it is no wonder so many families travel here every year. A splash in the Trevi Fountain, an ice cream at the top of the Plaza de España and a hotel near the beach to relax will make this vacation an unparalleled experience.



9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is best city to travel with toddler

Over the last decade, Berlin has become an affordable children's holiday destination, and was named the best family town in Europe. Together with the popular LegoLand and Aquadome is Kollwitz Platz; The most family-friendly oasis in all of Berlin. Lined with wooden bridges and filled with children's playgrounds and adult stores, this is a place not to miss. The oldest zoo in Germany is also located in Berlin, and prides itself on hosting the largest number of species in the world. Children will love the graffiti art of Berlin, often known as urban canvas. If being named the best city in Europe for families is not enough to convince you, perhaps museums, huge hotel rooms and kilometers of bicycle lanes, as well as the delicious meat of the street.



10. Lisbon, Portugal

 Lisbon city to vacation with toddler in Portugal

Where else can you go to eat and enjoy a quiet meal with a bottle of wine while your children are happily busy in the "kid-friendly" restaurant area? Lisbon not only offers numerous restaurants where mom and dad can enjoy quality time together, but also offers many other activities for the whole family. From relaxing on one of the many beaches while the kids have fun in the water, even hopping on a tram to explore the city; Lisbon is full of adventures. The largest castle on earth encourages children to dive deep into a world of dungeons, dragons, kings and queens. The aquarium and the zoo allow close encounters with wildlife around the world.

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