10 Recommended Destinations for Traveling with Kids

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hotelia.us - Taking advantage of the fact that there is very little left over for Holy Week, we have taken a retrospective exercise to remember which destinations we have most enjoyed traveling with our kids. If you follow the blog for some time, you will know that we have been traveling with Teo and Oriol since they both have had a few months of life and we have always tried to make sure that the places we visited were appropriate and fun for the kids. His young age has never been a barrier for him to pass it on big and discovered other realities very different from his own, although in some of these trips were babies of very few months or children of 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 or 7 years or toddlers.


Traveling with young children is always a challenge. That's why we want to make it easy and propose the best destinations to travel with kids next year Traveling with kids is an experience. Luggage, crying, carts, tiredness and many hours of sleep lost. But not everything is bad. Not much less. Taking your kids to see the world is one of the best gifts you will make in your life.


For them, everything is magical and amazing. There are no dramas or bitterness that lasts longer than a nap. And their incredible confidence and imagination make them the best travelers to share their vacations with. Seeing the world through your eyes will be like traveling to Mars without leaving Earth. Also, when they grow up they will keep these memories as treasures in their memory.

We has chosen for you the 10 best destinations to travel with kids. Keep reading and start planning and your family vacation for this year:


10 Recommended Destinations for Traveling with Kids




Canada best places destination to vacation with Kids

If anything children have, circuses drive them crazy. And if there is one that has stolen the hearts of children and adults that is Cirque du Soleil. This circus is all referent as far as stunts and spectacle is concerned and spawned in Canada. So there is no better place in the world to see one of his legendary and amazing shows than the mother country. In addition to the Cirque du Soleil, Canada is an ideal country to travel with children for its fabulous national parks and charming cities. And remember, as you are, you could take the family to see the famous Niagara Falls.




arizona best Destinations for Traveling with Kids

It is important that children learn to love and respect animals from an early age. And maybe the best way to get it is to spend the family vacation on a most authentic ranch. You will spend the day basically riding and accompanying the cows to graze. If you do not know where to start, we recommend the Green Tank ranch in the Sonoran desert area near the Saguaros National Park. Explore the area's canyons and hidden waterfalls and do not worry if you do not know how to ride a horse. There they will teach you to whisper to these noble animals.




singapore best places for Traveling with Kids


If you can afford it, it's Singapore. Take your children to Kidzania, a kind of amusement park that allows children to experience 80 real work scenarios, including a replica of a press release. Delighted kids and you'll see them wearing mini fireworks costumes and going from one side to the other experiencing. When you get tired of working hard, take the family to discover the island of Pulau Ubin. Rent a bike to admire its wild beauty and the Kampongs, which are the traditional villages. At night, you can do a night safari that will leave you amazed.




Abu Dhabi for Traveling with Kids

Putting you behind the wheel makes you feel in control and increases your confidence level so it is normal for kids and adults to love crash cars. If on your family vacation you want to go beyond the village fairs, escape to the Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi. It's an amusement park dedicated to cars is full of things to see and attractions to which you climb. There are racing simulators, Formula 1 car shows, semi-professional circuits for children and adults and even a complete pit area. Experiment with the kids what Fernando Alonso does every day. A paradise of speed in all its splendor.




maldives best place snorkeling with kids

If you are looking for some paradisiacal islands with incredible seabeds that impress your children the Maldives are a safe bet. In the resorts they will be in charge of preparing infinity of activities perfect for the children, and for you, that you will be able to disconnect. A trip to the Maldives is the best way to connect your children to the marine world. Take advantage and see the flights already booked.




Hawaii best Destinations for Traveling with Kids

Get ready to spend a family holiday of the most lively and entertaining on this island of the Pacific. For now, one of the most rewarding things you will do with your children on Maui will be hiking through the Iao Valley State Park. The roads are very accessible and at the end of the route you can bathe in the waterfalls and natural pools. If your children are interested in trying their luck with surfing, all over the island there are many schools that will help you catch your first wave with confidence. But to live the adventure in capital letters that will leave you speechless, be sure to reserve a place for you and your family on the Atlantis submarine.




austria best destination for Traveling with Kids

Austria is a true paradise for the small explorers that you have at home and, precisely for that, a good destination for a holiday with children. . For now, this alpine country is the ideal place for your children to learn to ski and also do it for free. In a small area of the Tyrol offer ski courses for children that will not cost you a euro. But do not think that only you can not only fall by this beautiful Central European country in winter. At any time of year. Spend your family at the world's oldest amusement park in Vienna, then visit Dachstein's Ice Caves and follow the footsteps of the first men who inhabited Earth.




denmark for best vacations with toddlers

Denmark is a country meant for children so much that in fact in many Danish hotels if children sleep with you in the same room you will not be charged for an extra bed. If this were not enough, your children will not pay anything (or almost nothing) if you move on public transport. But authentic Danish fun starts in Lego Park where all the attractions are Lego-scale buildings. The little ones will have fun and you'll enjoy yourself as a dwarf. Denmark is also the perfect place for your children to become adept at science thanks to different centers and thematic museums where they can become scientists for a few hours. Experimentarium was the first and experiment with your brain and that of your children, literally.




botswana destinations for kids

Is your family off-road? Well, how about doing a family safari? Animals are an eternal source of fascination for children and adults and Botswana has one of the most diverse and rich ecosystems in the world. The possibilities are endless. You can choose between fishing in Khwai or sleeping under the stars in the Kalahari. In some of the camps there are activities only for children where they can make arrows or mud bins with their own hands. But as exciting as it may seem, we recommend that you prepare them for the wildest encounters.




united kingdom places with kids

It's not about your kids knowing the fabulous Big Ben or seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. That also. The reason to travel with children to the UK is by the multitude of magical and creative options and to spend a family holiday. Here you can finally meet your children's dream of sleeping in an authentic tree house in Devon or in a bus converted into a comfortable house with wheels in the area of Herefordshire. And if you catch the gustillo to live like a real nomad catches an authentic caravan of horses and discovers the English countryside. It is impossible to price a trip like that. The colorful caravans and open fires unleash the laughter and imagination of the youngest.


Tell us what your children's favorite destination is and we promise to take note!



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