Top 11 Most Spectacular Places in Costa Rica

No comment 223 views - Explore the wonders of Costa Rica and discover why this country is "Pura Vida". The Republic of Costa Rica, with its lush rainforests, volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches and a biodiversity so incredible that you would never finish it, is always a good place to visit. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this country has opted for ecotourism with strength and just put a foot there will understand why. This is Best Places to Destination in Costa Rica


Top 11 Most Spectacular Places in Costa Rica



1. Manuel Antonio and the National Parks of Costa Rica

National parks of Costa Rica spectacular places in Costa Rica


Manuel Antonio is one of the best-known natural parks in all of Costa Rica. The country could practically be divided into reserves and parks and there would be no lonely corner because if something stands out Costa Rica is for its vegetation and biodiversity. The National Park of Manuel Antonio, in the province of Puntarenas, is one of the most spectacular. Its paradisiacal beaches, its air of relaxation and vegetation and its fauna make that all that enters does not want to leave. Of course, be careful with the animals because it is very likely that when you get rid of monkeys, raccoons or other animals, you steal food.



2. Puerto Viejo is Spectacular Beach in Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is Spectacular Beach in Costa Rica


Puerto Viejo is a small town located on the Atlantic Coast in the Province of Limón and has one of the most beautiful landscapes that can be found in Costa Rica. Mires where you look in Puerto Viejo, in addition to vacationers and good roll, there are crystalline blue waters and good waves for surf lovers ... If you want to relax, enjoy sunny sunsets and try the Caribbean food, Puerto Viejo is your place. Do not forget to go without trying a good Patí with a beer next to it and a bit of the typical "rice and beans" that drives the Costa Ricans crazy.



3. Turtle nesting in Tortuguero

Tortuguero best vacation in Costa Rica


In the village of Tortuguero between June and September you can volunteer to take care of the spawning of the turtles and see how they make the small (but immense for newborns) crossing between the beach and the sea. Sunsets, reddish sunrises reflected in the crystal clear water of the simple company of nature and, above all, helping some very special creatures that in Costa Rica enjoy protection.


4. The South Coast

The South Coast, costa rica tropical beach in manuel antonio


At first glance it might seem like a simple road, but this route runs some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. The tour begins in San José and the first beach you find is Jacó, a very popular sand beach that is not, by far, the most beautiful in the country. Then there are the beaches of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. As you go along the Costanera you will also come across inaccessible and unnamed beaches, natural landscapes that few people can access. Before arriving at Punta Uvita and joining the Interamerican Highway, you will pass through the Marino Ballena National Park.



5. Talamanca and Indigenous Bribrí Refuge

Talamanca and Indigenous Bribrí Refuge


The Bribri indigenous refuge is one of the most numerous in Costa Rica and is located in the province of Puntarenas, in the Region of Talamanca. Its inhabitants still retain the Bribrí language and are engaged in fishing, hunting and agriculture, but also make baskets, musical instruments and other crafts. The access is not quite simple and although there are now companies that offer tours around the region it is still not well known among tourists. If you like local history and want to know more about the culture of Costa Rica do not miss it.



6. Climb the Cerro Chirripo

Climb the Cerro Chirripo best places in Costa Rica


The highest mountain in Costa Rica should be a must, or almost. Not only to conquer the heights after facing a demanding hike, but because from the top of the Chirripó you can enjoy beauties and natural wonders not visible in other parts of the country. We recommend that you go more than once to fully enjoy Los Crestones, the Valley of the Rabbits, the Lions' Savannah, the Valley of the Lakes and the Valley of the Morrenas. Extra points for reaching the top on a clear day: you will see the two oceans that bathe the beaches of Costa Rica.



7. Visit the Poas Volcano

The Poas volcano offers a spectacular view in Costa Rica


The Poas volcano offers a spectacular view of one of the largest craters in the world and is one of the most visited National Parks in Costa Rica. Ignore us, nature is terribly beautiful here. The waterfalls in the main crater and the beauty of Laguna Botos make the trip a unique experience, the ones that are fixed to the retina. If you get hungry, visit the strawberry crops that sow the way to the volcano. There you can taste this fruit and regain strength.



8. Tour of Whales and Dolphins in Marino Ballena

Dolphins in Marino Ballena Costa Rica


Are you going to visit the south coast of Costa Rica? The best way to enjoy this part of the country is to take a tour of sightings of humpback whales, dolphins and other species while visiting the waters of the impressive Isla del Caño. Seeing a humpback whale jumping over the sea is something you should do at least once in a lifetime. And well, on the Caño Island are the most beautiful coral formations in the country. Remember to go through the famous formation of "Cola de Ballena" at Uvita beach. A proof that nature does not leave things to chance.



9. The Monteverde Cloud Fores in Costa Rica

hanging bridge in Monteverde Cloud Foresat Costa Rica


The Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of the most incredible ecosystems in Costa Rica. A paradise always green and full of many things to do while admiring the wonders of the place. Butterflies, hanging bridges, the possibility of doing bungee jumping, birdwatching (attention to the quetzales!) And an enormous amount of meters of fronds that will make you want to know the most hidden parts of the forest. Separate note for foliage of a kilometer in length that seems to extend towards infinity. What more do you need to release all the stress, when you can enjoy the panorama of a majestic forest?



10. Arenal Volcano Best Destination in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano Best Destination in Costa Rica


The spectacular conical shape of the volcano, which imposes itself on the plains of northern Costa Rica, is the perfect welcome and a good introduction to all the activities you can do in the surroundings of the Arenal. Hot springs, horseback riding, lookouts, forest and hanging bridges are just some of the options. Do not forget to visit the great Lake Arenal and the beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall, both under the imposing look of the massif. The volcano is the favorite destination of many when arriving in Costa Rica, and with just reasons!



11. Coco Island in Costa Rica

Coco Island in Costa Rica


We could not resist and we added one more point. At 532 kilometers of the peaceful things of Costa Rica is the most remote destination of the country ... but one of the most incredible. The marine richness of giant proportions makes Isla del Coco one of the favorites of marine biologists around the world. Thousands of species of fish, sharks and even cetaceans will welcome you if you dare to immerse yourself in their waters in search of a unique diving experience.


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