12 Exciting and Economic Honeymoon Destinations

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Weddings are moments of happiness, and can be very expensive. Dresses, etiquette outfits, rental facilities, catering, floral arrangements, and guest accommodations ... can cost a facelift and in addition, it is very stressful. No wonder the newlyweds are looking forward to the honeymoon. It is almost as important as the ceremony itself and can also be very expensive, although it does not have to. In this list you will see some of the best destinations and cheaper destinations to enjoy the honeymoon. Below are the different destinations in the United States and abroad. So if you are planning your wedding and do not want to spend too much on your honeymoon, keep an eye on these Economic Honeymoon Destinations.


15 Exciting and Economic Honeymoon Destinations


1. Honolulu, Economic Honeymoon Destinations in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii Exciting and Economic Honeymoon Destinations

Going to Hawaii is changing planes without going too far. It is part of the USA. But physically it is not in the United States, and that gives it an exotic touch. Couples who dream of a Hawaiian honeymoon should think about Honolulu and the island of Oahu. These places feature attractions such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater and the Banzai Pipeline Surf Break. Because Honolulu has many hotels, rates are available for all budgets. The food is wonderful, especially if you enjoy dining with the locals at the local and inexpensive bakeries of the Kapahulu neighborhood in Honolulu, as well as at the farmers markets of the city, which are held on Saturdays. There are many free festivals and special events that highlight the multicultural heritage of the island and its beautiful tropical beauty.


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2. Brazil, Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas

Brazil, Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas

Brazil so far did not believe in all-inclusive packages. Now, traveling to Brazil is easier and cheaper. They have opened many new hotels in paradisiacal places to enjoy the honeymoon. The musical city of Bahia, on the north coast and the super chic beach area of Buzios, near Rio de Janeiro, are some of the destinations for your honeymoon that will leave you breathless. Rio is also a very reasonable option. The most popular activities are absolutely free, people-watching and leisurely stroll along the beaches of Copacabana and iPanema. To save money, you should not stay in hotels that are on the beach. Hotels on second or third line beach are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the hotels on the front line, and offer the same level of quality of rooms and service.


In brazil, we recommend also visiting Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Best Places Tourist For Young Couples, check on Best Vacation Spots For Young Couples or The Pantanal - Brazil in Best Destinations To Vacation in South America



3. Dublin is Perfectly City to Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in Ireland

Dublin is Perfectly City to Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in Ireland

Dublin, in Ireland, has gone from being one of the most expensive capitals of Western Europe to one of the best destinations to travel, since they have fallen the prices of the hotels to a great extent during the last two years. Although Dublin hotel prices have declined in recent years, it continues to make cheaper options on the Emerald Isle. Skip Dublin and fly directly to Shannon Airport to save time and money. In this way you can enjoy the most famous attractions of Ireland, you will know the friendliness of the locals, enjoy its thriving musical culture and its beautiful natural beauty.


If you are a young couple who already have a toddler, you can visit the Wax Museum, which has an area called Kids Fantasy World, where Toddlers can see Harry Potter and the fairy tales or even the famous Simpsons. See Best Places For Vacation With Toddlers



4. Jamaica, Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations in the Caribbean

Jamaica, Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations in the Caribbean

Jamaica has huge hotels with all-inclusive service super appealing to honeymooners who do not want to spend a lot. The most modern resorts: Riu, Iberostar and Gran Bahia Principe are beautiful and if you can find a good deal, I invite you to take advantage of it. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, try the typical Sandals resort. This resort was founded in Jamaica, and always has offers for guests. Spa credits, free nights and 65% cheaper rates than the more modern resorts. The trip is not complicated either. Airlines like JetBlue and Air Transat now fly between cities in North America and Montego Bay, making Jamaica one of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean.


A special visit is for example the Dunn River Waterfalls, it is an important tour with tourist attraction. Another must-see in Jamaica is Doctor's Cave Beach, located on Montego Bay, one of the most famous beaches in the area. Impressive are the Blue Mountains, one of the longest ridges, including the highest point of the island having privileged views of all of Jamaica.



5. Balkans, Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Balkans, Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

The Balkans are the lost corner of Europe. It may not seem like the perfect place for a honeymoon, but the Balkans have become a low-cost alternative to the more expensive destinations in the Mediterranean. Bulgaria and Croatia have become prominent places where money will last longer than anywhere else on the continent. Bulgaria combines Roman ruins, ancient Orthodox churches, traditional Greek cuisine and Black Sea beaches with incredibly affordable prices for just about everything. Croatia is best for the more active couples with their national indoor parks with activities such as rafting, hiking and boating on their beautiful jade lakes.



6. Australia, Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

The Australian Automobile Association offers an impressive web tool to check the prices of hotels, pensions, hostels and even houseboats and camps. The star rating system (or ratings) AAA is mainly based on services, but is also related to nightly rates. This tool makes it very easy to plan a honeymoon trip to Australia. Now the tickets are priced a little lower than the highs reached before the recession, so you can travel to Australia for a little less. Qantas and other Australian companies offer tickets that allow flexible flights in the hinterland of Australia. This offer is great for those who visit the country for the first time and want to see everything. Australia has many sophisticated restaurants and shops in Sydney and Melbourne, wonderful dive sites along the Great Barrier Reef and incredible desert landscapes in the Red Center.



7. Yucatan Peninsula, Beautiful and Cheap Honeymoon Locations in Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula, Beautiful and Cheap Honeymoon Locations in Mexico

The Yacatan Peninsula has a variety of places to enjoy the honeymoon. The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico includes the Cancún and Cozumel islands, the mainland of the Riviera Maya and points of the interior such as Chichén Itzá and Mérida. Each destination mentioned has its own atmosphere and landscape, which allows a lot of different options in terms of accommodation, gastronomy and fun. Cancun is to enjoy the beach, buy bargains and nightlife, perfect for young couples who enjoy party nights. For more adventurous couples, Cozulmel has a long coral reef ideal for snorkeling. The average price of a hotel room has declined significantly throughout the Yucatan Peninsula during the spring and summer seasons. In general, five-star hotels offer the greatest discounts. For a more intimate experience, there is the option to book a bungalow at the Hotel Mayaland, near Chichen Itza.


In Mexico, we recommend visiting the city of DF which has many romantic places, look at Best Romantic Vacations In DF Mexico



8. Montreal, Romantic Destinations For the Perfect Canadian Honeymoon

Montreal Montreal, Romantic Destinations For the Perfect Canadian Honeymoon

In Canada, our northern neighbors have beautiful and active cities like Toronto and Vancouver, but Montreal is the best destination for a honeymoon. If you are looking for a French feeling for your honeymoon but Paris is too expensive, Montreal is the perfect choice. Montreal is a French-speaking city, very compact and with a public transport service of the highest quality. You do not need to rent a car, so you will have more money to spend on other things like the good kitchens, the Marche Bonsecours market and the boutiques. Other free attractions include the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Redpath Museum, and the city's famous comedy festival.


In addition to montreal, many romantic places in Canada that need to be visited, see Destinations For Your Vacation in Canada



9. Thailand, Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Thailand, budget friendly honeymoon destinations in asia

The most popular country in Southeast Asia, Thailand, is a country where what matters most is the money you spend. You will fall in love with the beautiful tropical paradises of Phuket and Ko Samui. The cheapest thing about Thailand is the accommodation. The fierce competition between hotels has lowered the prices of the rooms to levels so cheap that it seems that may not be true. Flying between different places in Thailand is not expensive either and the trips are not too long. Flights between Bangkok and the northern city of Chiang Mai take about an hour and cost less than most flights you can make in the United States.



10. Portugal, Affordable and Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Portugal, Affordable and Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Portugal is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Europe. Its prices are even better than its neighbors Spain and Greece. Portugal has been modernized but maintains its old charm, with beautiful castles and fishing villages. It also has modern urban neighborhoods with beach hotels and first-class golf courses. The rise of Portugal as a holiday destination has also meant that prices have risen a bit, but is balanced by the good prices of car rental and the reasonable prices of its restaurants.


In Portugal, there are still some cheap to visit locations such as Lisbon. More reviews read on Destinations for a Cheap Holiday in Europe



11. Turkey, Cheap All Inclusive Honeymoon

turkey cheap all inclusive honeymoon

The coast of Turkey reaches more than 3400 miles and touches three different seas: the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. Like neighboring Greece, the coast is dotted with ancient ruins and picturesque villages. The oceanfront resorts and its white sand beaches add a modern touch to the country. Plan it well and you could enjoy a honeymoon in Turkey for almost half price than an equivalent honeymoon in Greece. Turkey's coastal resorts are a particularly interesting bargain. On the coast of Turkey you can book a great room in places like Antalya, Bodrum or the new meeting center in Cesme for much less money than a room in Santorini. Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey and has become very sophisticated.



12. Puerto Rico, Cheap Honeymoon Destination in the Caribbean


Puerto Rico has always been a popular destination. It remains one of the best places in the Caribbean to travel. One of the advantages of Puerto Rico is that US citizens do not need a passport to get to the island. Flights from the States have not dropped much in price in recent years, but they have lowered the prices of accommodations in Puerto Rico. Surf schools on the most famous beaches, such as Paya Rincon, are cheaper than other renowned surf schools like Hawaii. Diving is a very popular activity in Puerto Rico. You can move around the island in a low-cost rental car, to save even more money. Puerto Rico is a perfect honeymoon destination for honeymooners who like to swim, sunbathe, enjoy art or dance.


In Puerto Rico there are exciting destinations that must be visited, see more at Best Place To Vacation In Puerto Rico. And if want the best resort recommendation for honeymoon in Puerto rico, have a look at Best Honeymoon Resort in Caribbean





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