Best Place to Stay in The Bahamas

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The Bahamas is a country that consists of 29 islands, 661 keys and more than 2000 islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. If you need a true vacation of total disconnection, The Bahamas is one of the best destinations to relax and enjoy a day of sun and beach in a paradisiacal environment. Newly married couples usually wager on this beautiful place to spend their honeymoon. And scuba divers also choose The Bahamas for its rich marine life.


There are many sites to discover and visit. The most important are the capital of Nassau, a very picturesque place where you can admire the typical colonial architecture and rest in stunning resorts. At Andros Island and Great Exuma you will discover the best diving areas in the country. If you prefer to just relax in a great hotel you have to go to Eulethera Island, Harbor Island or Freeport where you will find the largest hotel offer and spectacular beaches. If you want a quiet trip without big crowds you can stay in the small and intimate resorts of Great Abaco and enjoy beautiful beaches much quieter.


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Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas



Nassau Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

Nassau is located on the island of New Providence. Thousands of cruise ships arrive each year to the port with the desire to experience the great tourist offer that the capital of the island of The Bahamas offers.


It is the nucleus of the country and maintains a great attraction by its colonial inheritance. It is a picturesque town full of interesting tourist activities that go beyond the paradisiac beaches. Visitors can admire Georgian architecture and enter Bahía Street to admire the charm of their wooden houses and pastel shades.


The most visited place is the Royal Staircase which was carved by hand and has direct access to the important avenue of Isabel. This unique architectural ensemble is made up of stairs that symbolize the reign of Queen Victoria. Around this square were built the buildings of the Colonial Administration, the Parliament and the Supreme Court. One of the most curious monuments is the Fort Charlotte, built in 1788. It was a defense post that served to defend the island from pirate attacks. At the moment it is a museum that harbors collections of great historical value. Once you visit the main tourist attractions you can go to Cable Beach neighborhood where you will find a rich offer with abundant clubs, restaurants, casinos and discos to enjoy the lively night of Nassau.


If you really want to rest you can do it on your paradisiac beaches. We recommend the Junkanoo Beach, popular with tourists, Cabbage Beach and Saunder's Beach, which are ideal for families and Jaws or Mantagu Beach much more intimate, where you can enjoy a day of rest in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. A highly recommended excursion is Paradise Island where you can visit the largest outdoor aquarium in the world. Connected to Nassau via two bridges, it houses dream beaches and huge resorts with all kinds of amenities.


Many visitors choose this city to stay for their large hotel offer. There are a lot of resorts that host super luxury hotels and the all-inclusive package. They look like small towns and the visitor will not have the need to leave the premises because almost all offer a varied leisure-tourist offer, from huge swimming pools, golf courses, spa areas and many activities for the whole family.



Andros Island

Andros Island Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

It is a territory formed by a large number of small islets, cays and dense forests. It is not a very touristy place, so if the traveler wants to spend a quiet holiday staying in Andros Town is a very good choice.


It is an ideal destination for lovers of diving. It has one of the most important coral reef areas on the island. A large number of exotic species abound, such as large-headed turtles, stingrays, snappers and sharks. The most famous beach is Sommerset and is the lively image of the typical paradisiac beach with fine white sand, turquoise waters and swings in palm groves. This island houses a primitive forest where the legend of the locals that inhabit small red elves call chickcharneys, who attack those who have the misfortune of bumping with them.


Despite being a sparsely populated island, Andros Town offers various types of accommodation. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you will find several winners with the Traveler's Choice award. They are not luxury hotels but they have all kinds of amenities. It will surely be easier and cheaper to stay in an apartment or a studio.



Great Exuma

Great Exuma Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

This archipelago is made up of 365 islands and islets. Most of the population lives in Great Exuma and Little Exuma, two islands connected by a bridge.


The most important tourist spots are Sampson Cay and Staniel Cay, areas of impressive cays with a varied marine fauna, for this reason is very common the practice of snorkeling. This place has become one of the world's diving referents for the 1985 James Bond movie Thunderball. One of the major tourist attractions is William's Town located in Little Exuma. It is a construction of more than 200 years of antiquity. Once there you can also visit the old salt pits.


One of the most recommended areas to stay is George Town, where the best resorts on the island are located. Hectares of landscaped areas, long beaches with spectacular sea views and golf courses, will delight the tourists who come to spend a holiday of rest and tranquility.



Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera Island Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

It is an island very close to Harbor Island of 177 kilometers. It is one of the main tourist destinations of the Bahamas Islands. It has spectacular beaches with fine white and pink sand and turquoise waters.


The landscape is postcard. The traveler will enjoy long days at the beach, strolling along the coast and watching spectacular sunsets. We recommend you take a stroll along the main street and taste the fresh seafood and the fruit salads.


On Eleuthera Island you will find spectacular resorts. If you want to spend an authentic stay you can stay in small bungalows built with woods and reeds. They are very intimate and ideal for newly married couples who are spending their honeymoon.


We recommend a small excursion to Harbor Island via taxi-boat or plane. The distances are very short and worth visiting this small island of the Atlantic. Its streets are very charming, reminiscent of English-style buildings and filled with flowers. It counts on tourist services of first level. So do not hesitate to spend a different day at Harbor Island.



Great Abaco

Great Abaco Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

This archipelago is made up of one hundred and twenty islands. It is a practically uninhabited paradise full of paradisiacal beaches, cays and islets. It is an ideal destination for water sports, especially sailing and is the scene of important annual races that attract many tourists. Other travelers also choose Great Abaco for deep-sea fishing or scuba diving.


The islands of Marsh Harbor and Treasure Cay are perfect to stay. They have a large variety of hotels, large resorts for families, a full gastronomic offer and lively nightlife.


We recommend you to visit Elbow Key and discover Hope Town. A charming English-speaking village, with colorful houses and an extremely photogenic striped lighthouse.




Freeport Best Places to Stay in The Bahamas

Freeport is the second largest city in the Bahamas, behind Nassau, and the largest on Grand Bahama Island. It is one of the main tourist attractions because it offers a very complete leisure. Visitors will be able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in hotel complexes, enjoy magnificent beaches and visit beautiful fishing villages. Do not hesitate to visit West End, Eight Mile Rock and McLean's Town.


We recommend you to stay in the area of Lucaya where you will find a wide range of hotels with elegant holiday complexes and beautiful wooden rooms.




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