8 Best Destinations for a Freelance in the World

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If you hear the word "nomad" comes to mind the ancestral figure of a merchant who travels the route of silk, you have to refresh a little: today's nomads are technological, modern and creative. They have changed caravans by backpacks and all they need to do business is a computer, internet connection and a good dose of entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit (plus a cup of coffee).


This kind of homo sapiens digitalis makes a living thanks to online jobs and has no roots: you can work from any corner of the world to access a wireless network. Having a world of possibilities is a wonderful thing, but it is clear that there are some places more apt than others.


How to choose the ideal place to work as a digital nomad? The factors to take into account would be: internet speed, quality of life, safety, availability of coworking spaces, opportunities and attractions offered by the city / country and obviously the cost of living.


You are probably thinking that digital nomads are lucky ones who do not have money problems because they spend half their lives traveling, and of course, traveling is expensive. You do not know how much you're wrong! Going on vacation is expensive, travel is not: in many places you can live without hardship for about € 400 or € 600 a month. You do not believe it? Here we tell you 8 of the best destinations for a freelance:


8 Best Destinations in the World for a Freelance


1. CHIANG MAI (THAILAND), Top Destinations for Freelancers

CHIANG MAI (THAILAND), Top Destinations for Freelancers

Chiang Mai, the beautiful and accessible northern city of Thailand, offers everything the digital nomads are looking for: good weather, low prices and quality of life. There is who defines it as "the hub of freelance in Asia" and the truth is that it is not difficult to meet others of your gender there, so if you are an extroverted nomad, wanting to create contacts, add another point in favor . We also recommend 20 things to do in Thailand so you can have a unique experience during your trip. Do you need anything else to catch the flights?


2. BARCELONA (SPAIN), Best Places for Freelancers

BARCELONA (SPAIN), Best Places for Freelancers

Few cities are as cosmopolitan and full of possibilities as Barcelona: you can start the day taking a dip on the beaches of Barceloneta, work a few hours in one of the many coworking in the city, enjoy a delicious brunch, work a little bit and go out to explore the streets full of surprises of one of our favorite cities. And it is impossible to be bored in Barcelona!



3. GOA (INDIA), Best Places for Digital Nomads

GOA (INDIA), Best Places for Digital Nomads

This tiny state of India is perfect for hippie soul freelancers. There is nothing better than starting the day work with a yoga session on the beach and continue fulfilling the duty accompanied by mango lassi shakes and pakoras.



4. LIMA (PERU), Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads

LIMA (PERU), Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads

We changed continent and traveled to Lima. The capital of Peru has several points in favor: it has an immense, delicious and cheap gastronomic offer, fast internet, affordable rentals, good climate and has the factor that Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in South America (and world!) Do you think little?



5. BALI (INDONESIA), Beautiful Places for a Freelance

BALI (INDONESIA), Beautiful Places for a Freelance

The Island of the Gods may well be called the Freelance Island as there are many who settle in this beautiful corner of Indonesia to work and enjoy everything it offers: unique culture, beaches with good waves and a gastronomy that falls in love.


6. PLAYA DEL CARMEN (MEXICO), Best Cities for Digital Nomads Freelancer

 PLAYA DEL CARMEN (MEXICO), Best Cities for Digital Nomads Freelancer

Living for long periods in this paradise too touristy may tire a bit, but spend a couple of months a month between blue waters, tasty tacos and Mexican air is an excellent idea. In addition, the good thing about a freelance is that when you get tired you can look for another base!



7. BERLIN (GERMANY), Lucrative Places To Base Yourself As A Digital Nomad

BERLIN (GERMANY), Lucrative Places To Base Yourself As A Digital Nomad

If you are among freelance urbanites who need touches of color, inspiration and thousands of activities, Berlin (the European Silicon Valley) is your city. The capital of Germany is one of the most creative centers of the moment and in addition the cost of living is enough economic to be a European capital. The only drawback? Cold! If you are more of beach and sand it may not be your best choice.



8. SAN FRANCISCO (USA), Best Cities to Live for Freelance

SAN FRANCISCO (USA), Best Cities to Live for Freelance

San Francisco is for those who have no problems with money (what a lucky son!). It is one of the most inspiring, technological and interesting cities in the world. Not surprisingly, most successful start ups start their story here.


Although it must be clear, the perfect destination for a freelance is 'no destination': the best thing about this job is the freedom to be able to build the backpack and change office again and again. The solution that we prefer is to establish a season in a place and after a few weeks (or months) to revolutionize our life. We have worked in cottages in front of idyllic beaches, in hostels, in shopping malls 'stealing' WiFi from a fastfood, in New Zealand libraries, in Italian coffee shops, in vans and even in a Japanese monastery.



Of course, do not live with the mistaken idea that a digital nomad spends his days drinking fresh coconuts lying in a hammock among the palm trees of a paradisiac beach: we work and much! If you bite the bug you know that the world of digital nomads is varied and very broad: there are writers, graphic designers, bloggers and even couch and psychologists who care for their patients in the distance. The good thing about the internet is that it is a democratic world, where we all have the same possibilities and creative and ingenious projects, with work behind us, they usually work ... so cheer up!


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