9 Amazing Places to Visit in San Antonio – Texas

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synchronicitytimes.com - Going on holiday to San Antonio? Do not forget to visit these places with which you will realize that this city is much more than shopping and the Alamo. This is Recommendation Best Vacation to Visit in San Antonio, Texas


When I mentioned at home that I was going to San Antonio, immediately my father began to recite and half dance a song that I had never heard. The tune went like this "San Antonio was where I learned the twist and how to dance ...". What were you talking about ?? I had no idea, but after looking for that stanza on the internet, I found this nice (and cheesy) Sisters Jimenez song called San Antonio Twist and released in the 60's.


It turns out that that era, rock and roll - that had previously hit the US and the world - had to rest with Elvis Presley in the military. This influenced to give way to a new musical rhythm that tried to become in fashion, reason why the Twist and its "bold" dances of curl of hips, made their appearance and the world surrendered to its feet. And yes, one of the places where this "libertine" dance was most fashionable was San Antonio Texas, a city that was the inspiration for this melody that, believe it or not, was once a success.


Of course things have changed a lot since then. At present it is no longer the Twist that distinguishes San Antonio among tourists, but the mall; Because that's probably the first word that comes to mind when you hear about this city in the southern United States, right? Despite the recent rise in the price of the dollar, this is definitely still an attractive shopping destination where you can get practically everything, at good prices. As we say in Mexico, "the joke is in search", but that you find good offers, you find them.


Amazing Places to Visit in San Antonio - Texas


But, what else? Beyond shopping, San Antonio has many other hot spots to visit within and near the region; for example:



1. FREDERICKSBURG, Best Places in San Antonio

FREDERICKSBURG Best Places in San Antonio Texas


Definitely the ideal when you travel to San Antonio is to rent a car. In addition to the fact that it does not come as expensive (about $ 70 a day), doing so makes transportation more efficient and faster and allows you to go places that would be more difficult to do by public transport or by taxi. One of these sites is a German village north of San Antonio (about an hour) called Fredericksburg.


Here's the thing: Texas has a large wine and cheese producing region (ranches) made up of nine million acres, in which there are various local vineyards, as well as small, picturesque towns like Fredericksburg, Comfort and Boerne Which we will talk about later). This whole area is named Texas Hill Country and here is the hot spot number one of this count.


You may not know it, but Texas has an important German heritage because of the immigrants who arrived from the German country almost 170 years ago. Since then, many traditions of this culture have been preserved, among them the Oktoberfest, which in German means "Octoberfest". This is undoubtedly the largest and most important celebration of Fredericksburg, so the place is dressed in long tablecloths to welcome its more than 25 thousand visitors attending the festival installed in the Markplatz (Market Square), which is The main public park of the region and is located in West Main Street, that is, downtown.



The festival lasts three days, in which people gather for beer, play dexterity, eat sausages and dance polka (with the classic chicken dance). The dynamics works as a fair, so when you enter, you buy the tickets you want (each costs a dollar) and you exchange them for food and, of course, beers, although it is possible to find also soft drinks.


Although Fredericksburg is a pretty picturesque place, it is worth visiting during the Oktoberfest days, as well as the pleasant weather, the place gets a festive vibe that is reflected from the moment you reach the main street and you see a Sea of people traveling the shops that offer, from articles of decoration and sweets, to typical food and souvenirs; As well as whole families disguised in the typical German dress; All heading towards the festival, which is the epicenter of this German festival.

Travel Tip: A rich place to eat is The Bistro at Vaudeville, which is a rather intimate and beautiful restaurant with local produce such as wines and cheeses in which it is possible to experience the true flavor of Fredericksburg.



2. PEARL BREWERY, Amazing Places to Visit in San Antonio

PEARL BREWERY, Amazing Places to Visit in San Antonio


In San Antonio, the subject of beer is a serious thing. Currently there are many small local breweries that are promoting their artisan production; However, the taste for this drink in the area began with the arrival of German immigrants in the mid-eighteenth century.


But it was not until 1884 when San Antonio premiered its own local brewery: the Pearl Brewery, which was located on the banks of the San Antonio River. Its location was not fortuitous, rather it was used that this place had bubbling springs, which helped the operation of the machines. Despite the US ban on alcohol in the 1920s, the factory continued to produce ice and non-alcoholic beer, which allowed it not to go bankrupt and shut down like other producers of alcoholic beverages.


In 2001, the factory was finally closed and abandoned, until in 2004 a private company bought the place with the ruins and wastes of the property and turned it into what is now Pearl.


Instead of demolishing the old factory, as well as its beautiful historic building where formerly the offices were, the company that bought the place decided to rescue these areas and give them a new look and use. This was how, little by little, Pearl became the gastronomic and historical destination that is today


Entering Pearl's small district (which measures up to six or seven streets) is like walking into a mini hipster town: its streets are filled with boutique shops and people riding bikes; In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays it is possible to see a tianguis with organic products of all kinds that are manufactured and sold by people of the zone.


Not to mention its historic buildings such as the old offices, the old barn - which today functions as a ballroom ...

historic buildings in san atonio


...as well as Pearl Brewery's strong charter for this year: the Emma Hotel, which is close to Open in November and will have 146 rooms. The most interesting thing about this boutique hotel is that its construction was adapted to the ruins of the brewery, so its decoration tends to industrial but with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.


Finally, Pearl can and should be mentioned here is the Culinary Institute of America, which is considered the best school of chefs in the United States. There are only three locations: NY, Napa Valley (California) and San Antonio (Texas), the latter specializing in Latin American cuisine, so it has everything you need to prepare typical dishes: from a hole in the ground to barbecue, To huge barbecues to cook Argentine roasts.



3. BOERNIE, Best Places Texas Hill Country in San Antonio

BOERNIE, Best Places Texas Hill Country in San Antonio


This is another picturesque German town located within the region known as the Texas Hill Country, a 30 minute drive from San Antonio and well worth a visit. You can easily spend one to two days visiting the different attractions it offers, as well as contemplating the many green landscapes that you can walk to.


What you can not miss is:

Historic district. They say that the best way to know a place is to walk it, and they are right. Downtown here is the heart and roots of Boerne. It walks its main road (River Road) that is located to one side of its most important stream, the Cibolo Creek that is the epicenter of this town around which you can walk and see the ducks, to make a picnic, to go in bibicleta or simply Sit down and read.


A little further south, it is possible to find the Arts District, where you can find shops, restaurants, art galleries and St. Peter Catholic Church, dating from 1730 and belonged to the mission Of La Purisima.


Cibolo Trail. For those who like to walk and be in contact with nature, there is the Cibolo Trail which is composed of approximately 2.8 kilometers paved along the bank of the Cibolo Creek and where you can run into people walking their dogs, running, walking in Bicycle or just walking and watching the Fresco Art, which are sculptures of local artists placed in different parts of the city.


Cascade Caverns. It is a one hour tour through different cavernous "rooms" that together make up a large underground cavern. It turns out that Texas has several caverns that can be visited, but this is the only one considered alive, because there is still water inside (that is why the name Cavernas de la Cascada). Its formation took millions of years and they are so spectacular, that they have even been the set of some films, like Fatherhood. Definitely a must see in Bernie.


Traveler's tip: If you plan to stay in Boerne, a good recommendation is the Hotel Ye Kendall Inn, which dates back to 1859 and enter it, is a real journey back in time as the rooms are decorated as of another era, Without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Hotel Ye Kendall Inn back to 1859



4. MUSEO MCNAY, Best Vacation Museum of Modern Art in Texas

MUSEO MCNAY, Best Vacation Museum of Modern Art in Texas


The McNay Art Museum is located on North New Braunfels Street and was the first museum of modern art in Texas. It bears the name in honor of Marion Koogler McNay, who was a fervent collector of art and did much for the artists of San Antonio, especially in World War I, where he housed them in his house to continue taking classes. It was so that it became a school, that later in 1954 became a museum. You can now visit your old house.


The McNay Museum consists of several rooms where you can see works from the 19th century, post impressionist works from the early 20th century, as well as a space designated for traveling collections.



5. DOWNTON, PASEO DEL RÍO. Best Places to Visit San Antonio

DOWNTON, PASEO DEL RÍO. Best Places to Visit San Antonio


It should definitely be a must of your trip. It turns out that the downtown (also known as Downtown) has the vast majority of its points of interest connected across the San Antonio River. Around it there is an infrastructure designed and built so that people can walk and access the most representative attractions of the city, for example: several of the most important hotels, as well as numerous restaurants, bars, parks and historical sites such as La Villita and the famous Alamo.


To better understand this tourist attraction, the recommendation - besides walking - is to take a boat with the company Rio San Antonio Cruises, where they explain the history and reason for being of the River Walk, as well as the city. The tour lasts approximately 35 minutes and costs $ 8.25 per person.


Traveler Tip: there is a taxi service across the river called Rio Taxi Service, whose operating hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM (as well as boat rides) and have more than 39 stops along the way, So they are an excellent option to go from point to point in less time.





Having gone to San Antonio and not having done mall, is like not having gone. Although the city has a thousand options of activities to offer tourists, it is undeniable that shopping remains its strong letter, but where to do them; Where to buy in San Antonio?


One of the always mentioned and suggested places to do shopping is definitely San Marcos, where you will find two of the most important and big outlets: Premium San Marcos Outlet and San Marcos Tanger, which are located opposite each other in the 617 IH 35 North.


Why are they so famous?

* Between the two they add more than two thousand shops with reduced prices and for all the pockets. Among the brands that we can find are: Victoria's Secret, Adidas, Nine West, Old Navy, Forever 21, Torrid, Aeropostale, among others. * Shops close at 9 pm in both outlets Monday through Saturday and Sundays at 7 pm, however it is advisable to at least set aside an entire afternoon to be able to visit them all calmly.


Travel tip: in addition to the coupons you can find in the sites of both outlets, in Tangier you get back the 50% cash tax on your purchases. Of course, there are some policies and restrictions to make this effective, for example that you must have spent at least 10 dollars in 10 different stores;



7. ÁLAMO BEER, Best places to Visit San Antonio - Texas

ÁLAMO BEER, Best places to Visit San Antonio - Texas


In recent years, local beer production has grown steadily and steadily in this Texas city, however, if you can talk about an official local San Antonio beer we would have to mention Alamo Beer. This one was born in 1884, but in the 18 had to stop its production due to the prohibition law of alcoholic drinks in the United States. Long time later it was acquired by Eugene Simor, its present owner, who returned it to position as one of the favorites among the premises.


Its factory is located on Burnet Street, where there is also a bar which, of course, serves what is produced at home. The place has the doors open for those who want to spend a good chelas in a relaxed and very Texan atmosphere or, if you prefer, for those who like to do a tasting with the different styles of beer that are made there: in total, are Six different.


Tip traveler: the recommendation is ideal to go in the evening, after shopping and wanting to relax, have a few drinks while playing Jenga or just watch the afternoon. Oh, another thing, do not forget to visit the Hyde Bridge, which is a bridge which is just a few steps from Poplar Beer, up a few stairs. It's free and no matter what time you visit it because it will always offer you a magnificent view of the city.



8. TOP GOLF. Best Vacation Spots In Texas

Best Vacation Spots In Texas


Top Golf is one of those places that are transformed depending on the time and day you visit it. In the mornings and afternoons is a familiar place in which people who do not know golf will learn the basics of this sport, as well as to test their skills; While in the evenings, especially on weekends, this becomes a kind of disco in which a DJ softens the place, while people dance and play golf.


This is the dynamic. It is a restaurant with several tables overlooking a golf course. A round of shots is hired and the one who makes the most points, wins. There are different types of clubs as well as instructors that are guiding you, so you do not need to know anything about golf to go.


Traveler Tip: The food is really DELICIOUS, so if you go, do not eat much sooner, you'll probably want to order one of their burgers or quesadillas with guacamole, as well as their delicious bbq wings. Yummy.



9. EL ALAMO. Most Famous Historical Place in Texas

EL ÁLAMO. Most Famous Historical Place in Texas

Even more important than shopping, is to visit the Alamo (in addition, doing so is free!). It is located in the heart of Downtown, a few steps from the River Walk, so you can easily walk or taxi-boat. The Alamo does not need presentation, it is the most famous historical place in all of Texas, and even films have been made and books written to explain what happened here.



Mission The Alamo, as its name indicates, was the first Spanish mission to be located on the banks of the San Antonio River. Founded in 1718, this place is considered as the origin of the city of San Antonio, Texas. Like all missions in the world, it was built for religious and teaching purposes for the natives of the region, but later it was also used for military purposes, and here too the famous Battle of the Alamo was carried out, where The forces of the Mexican Army, commanded by Antonio López de Santa Ana with the Texas resistance were met 6 of March of 1836. Later, with the annexation of Texas to US, this place was left by the Mexican forces.


Currently this site still retains a part of its original construction that can be visited along with the one that is already restored, from 9 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday, or from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays.



Where to Stay? If you want to feel the western atmosphere from the moment you arrive with country music, upholstered wood architecture and a warm air, but without losing the luxury, the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Hotel is an excellent option, as it is also very Within walking distance of other attractions such as Sea World, Six Flags and River Walk.


What else can I do? In addition to these places of interest, if you still have time, there are amusement parks and other stores where you can find things at great prices, for example: Target, Ross, Academy, among others. It's really worth to go for a ride.

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