8 Reasons to Vacation to Hawaii

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synchronicitytimes.com - Between crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and towering volcanoes, the islands of Hawaii have romantic sun and beach offerings, adventure tourism and guided tours of historic sites such as Pearl Harbor. In this note, we tell you eight reasons to go. Aloha! This is Reasons for a Best Vacation to Hawaii


8 Reasons to Vacation to Hawaii



1. Waikiki, classic tourism (Oahu) is Best island to Vacations Hawaii

Waikiki, classic tourism (Oahu) is Best island to Vacations Hawaii


From aloha clothing and sunset drinks to catamaran rides or excursions on the Atlantis submarine to see boats and sunken planes amid gigantic coral and goldfish. Waikiki synthesizes everything that Oahu Island has to offer.


Very lively, with shopping centers and nightlife, Waikiki combines urban pleasures and relaxation with Hawaiian airs. There are high-end hotels, local Beach Walk to taste typical flavors and a variety of international restaurants (do not forget that this used to be the recreation place of royalty).



2. North Coast (Oahu) Best  Surfing, Swimming and Snorkeling in Hawaii

North Coast (Oahu) Best surfing, swimming and snorkeling in Hawaii


With more than 11km of beaches appearing on many television shows and movies, the North Coast attracts the world's best surfers by offering waves up to 9m (especially in the northern winter). From May to September, when the waves come down, it is the ideal time to start surfing, swimming and snorkeling. And to alternate the rest in the sun on the beach with the typical granite ice of different flavors that serve in Hale'iwa.



3. Le'ahí, a natural tape (Oahu)

Le'ahí, a natural tape (Oahu)


The path leading to Leahí (Diamond Head) is far more imposing than a treadmill session set up for slope, beginning with the natural beauty of Oahu at the top of the trail, with a panoramic view stretching along The south coast of the island. It is important to wear sneakers, water and sunscreen to do this ride to climb the 230-meter volcanic cone (do not worry, it is extinct), which adds up to 2.5 kilometers, back and forth. Doors open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m., when visitors should be out of the park.



4. Pearl Harbor (Oahu) Best Places in Hawaii

Pearl Harbor (Oahu) Best Places in Hawaii


The island of Oahu not only has local history but also national and international history. Here we recall the National Historic Site, with a memorial recalling the attack on Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941, leaving thousands dead and wounded, and leading the United States to participate in World War II. Pearl Harbor is also the base of the United States Pacific Fleet, the largest naval command in the world.



5. Napali Coast (Kauai) Best Destinations in Hawaii

Napali Coast (Kauai) Best Destinations in Hawaii


Of all the islands of Hawaii, blessed by its natural beauty, Kauai is the oldest and the most to the north. Boating among the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast is among the undisputed landmarks of the place.


From the waters of the Pacific, it is proposed to relive what the first Hawaiians felt when arriving in their canoes to the island, paddling in a kayak on a guided tour during the summer, or embarking to appreciate the landscape from the 17 km of the Coast of Napali, which crosses five valleys and ends at the beach. There are also helicopter tours to appreciate the gigantic cliffs and trails - such as the Kalalau, next to the Ha'ena State Park - surrounded by lush vegetation.


Formerly the home of the first Polynesian travelers, this coast still has rock walls and agricultural terraces that preserve the evidence of the sophisticated irrigation systems of its early inhabitants, as well as the traditional culture of fishing, taro cultivation and Commerce by trails or canoes.



6. Waimea Canyon and Poipu Beach (Kauai) The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Waimea Canyon and Poipu Beach (Kauai) The Grand Canyon of the Pacific


Also known as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific", it has a depth of 1,100 meters and extends over 22 km. It can be seen from many viewpoints - the route culminates in the jungle of Koke'e State Park to appreciate its majesty. But be aware: they are high up and the air is cool, so do not forget to bring a coat.


Other must-sees in Kauai include the Coconut Coast beaches, the Wailua River, Hawaii's only waterway, magnificent waterfalls, and Poipu Beach Park which has been voted one of the best beaches in the United States. Between December and May, in Poipu - a crescent-shaped beach that the locals also adore - sightings of humpback whales and monk seals from Hawaii can be spotted sunbathing on the sand.



7. Haleakala National Park (Maui) in Hawaii

Haleakala National Park (Maui) in Hawaii


Haleakala means "home of the sun" and its dormant volcano attracts travelers with the most diverse interests. Early risers go for a walk early on, and on clear days they can observe the neighboring islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Molokai and Ohau. Nature lovers take tours guided by protected trails to study the unique flora and fauna of the place. Adrenaline seekers have the option of cycling down from a 1,980-meter top for 32 km. It is a very dizzying descent.


There are other alternatives - more or less risky, but all intense - to make on the second largest island: to organize a camp in the allowed corners of Maui, to see whales in Lahina, to hire a cavalcade to get to the Kipahulu area, or simply , To contemplate the tonalities of the sunset until the appearance of the moon and the stars. The winding road to Hana, snorkeling and diving in Molokini and Iao Valley State Park complete the offer. Not to mention Makena, of course, one of the longest beaches in Maui, offering good golf, tennis and snorkeling in warm waters (watch out for the winter when the waves are bigger and more powerful).



8. Maunaloa Volcano, the Largest in the World (Island of Hawaii)

Maunaloa Volcano, the largest in the world (Island of Hawaii)


They say that in the Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii the presence of the goddess Pele is felt. There is the Maunaloa volcano, which has not erupted since 1984, can be traced its craters and is the most gigantic of the planet if measured from the ocean floor. In turn, the volcano Kilauea was declared a World Heritage Site, has been erupting continuously since 1983.


Larger than the union of the rest of the islands, the Island of Hawaii or the Big Island comes to shelter from sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains, the Hamakua Coast waterfalls, tropical forests and botanical gardens in the capital city Hilo And the calm and clear waters of Kona, a place that stands out for its coffee plantations.





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