6 Best Tourist Sites Located in the Caribbean

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Who has not dreamed of traveling to the Caribbean to spend a great vacation on some of their paradisiac beaches? It is likely that that dream has passed through your head since adolescence, and not for less, the Caribbean is a tourist destination praised by millions of people that when they go once, they know that they will return.


But if you already have it very clear, and you know that you want to go to the Caribbean on your next vacation, then do not hesitate to continue reading because today I want to talk about the best luxury hotels in the Caribbean.


Travelers are always in search of new destinations to visit, where they can find "that" they have not seen in the tourist destinations already frequented, and is that who does not feel like looking for new adventures and fantastic places around the world? To a great majority I assure you. For those seeking remote paradises, relaxing and above all beautiful, full of beautiful beaches, nature reserves, and people very affectionate, here are several options for you to choose:


Best Destinations that Hide in the Caribbean




1. Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, Best Tourist Sites Located in the Caribbean

Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, Best Hidden Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

The tourist that opts for this destination will be totally captivated by the beauty, fun and at the same time serenity of its incredible beaches and hotels. It is an ideal place for golf fans, because here you can also enjoy this game in one of the most beautiful terrain in the world. Of the beaches and the sand, not to mention, they are the most beautiful in this country and I dare say that within 'those located in the Caribbean', are the best. The day you decide to go to this magical place, do not forget to visit the spectacular lagoons of the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park.



2. Negril in Jamaica, Best Hidden Caribbean Destinations

Negril in Jamaica, Best Hidden Caribbean Destinations

According to Travelers' Choice, this Jamaican city won the title "Best Beach Destinations" as well as being considered to have the most beautiful coasts on the planet. One of its most attractive beaches is Seven Mile Beach. If you go there you should not stop diving in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, an attractive jump that will make you feel a great burst of adrenaline in your body.



3. Soufrière in Saint Lucia, Amazing Tourist Destination in the Caribbean

Amazing Tourist Destination in the Caribbean

Located south of St. Lucia. As described by Tripadvisor, this amazing tourist destination located in the Caribbean has a beautiful view that blends the sea with the jungle. It is a quite relaxing place, plus it is adorned with beautiful Diamond Botanic Gardens, beaches and bicycle lanes. These also recommend that you rent a car and walk all over the city. In this wonderful place you can discover an incredible tropical island, is the best kept secret of Saint Lucia, you can immerse yourself in the true luxury of the Caribbean. East Winds is an incredible hideaway with dream suites that lurk among lush plants, trees and a great world of colors among flowers and birds. The island is shared with few travelers who pass by and who are only seeking adventure or relaxation. In addition you have an all inclusive service that will make you stay in an authentic paradise.



4. Oranjestad in Aruba, Best Affordable Caribbean Destinations

Best Affordable Caribbean Destinations

Oranjestad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Aruba. It is a city rich in color and landscape. In this place you will have several things to do, such as: visit museums, historical places, meet quirky bars and discos, taste the exquisite cuisine of its restaurants, visit the butterfly farm, art galleries, etc. Oranjestad has a Dutch-Caribbean style that is quite captivating in the eyes of any tourist, since it was a Dutch colony.



5. Bridgetown in Barbados, Most Relaxing Caribbean Destinations

Most Relaxing Caribbean Destinations

A relaxing city hidden in the Caribbean where you can enjoy pleasant walks through monuments, historic buildings super interesting, discos, as well as enjoy the best dishes of seafood stews, which will leave you astounded by its exquisite taste.



6. Eight rivers in Jamaica, Best Luxurious Caribbean Destinations

Best Luxurious Caribbean Destinations

And finally, I recommend Ocho Rios - located in Jamaica - is one of the most luxurious tourist destinations located in the Caribbean. This magical island makes you lose in a deep relaxation thanks to its natural appeal under a rich sun, and here you can also enjoy a super fun nightlife characterized by intense dances and reggae music.

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