5 Best Beautiful Hidden Destinations Places in Mexico

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Destinations you did not know about in Mexico! I am super excited because they come the bridge and I can escape for a while from the city; But seeing that the days are approaching and I had no plan (almost always happens to me), I began to pry in Pinterest and believe me, I never believed that I would find places so fathers and best of all ... in Mexico! Here I show you some of the destinations of my next trips, lol. This is Best Hidden Places in Mexico.


The implacable growth of Mexico City added to the frenzy of daily life makes it difficult to explore the many scenarios that exist within the plethora of cities, and is that we usually visit places where we find a kind of comfort and we leave aside Many spaces that deserve to be discovered, perhaps in them we find the home of a new world of sensations and conclusions.


Fortunately, the city offers corners that have gone unnoticed by popular attention, preserving its unique characteristics at all costs. Here we present an initial list of spaces that we consider valuable to experience unknown angles of our city.


5 Best Hidden Destinations Places in Mexico


1. Tolantongo Caves, Best Hidden Places in Mexico

Caves of Tolantongo Best Hidden Places in Mexico

When I saw the photo I thought it was a place in Asia, but I checked in and this place is ideal even for a romantic getaway. They are located in Hidalgo, about 3 hours from Mexico City, and are ideal for reconnecting with nature.



2. Las Pozas, Xilitla, Secret Destination in Mexico

Xilitla Secret Destination in Mexico

I had gone before and I highly recommend it. This place catches you by its vegetation and its ruins, and the best thing is that it is in San Luis Potosí. You definitely have to go to this lively space where you can put your adventurous spirit into practice, and if you love coffee, this is your paradise. It is only 5 hours from Mexico City.



3. Tulum, Secret Places in Mexico

Tulum, Secret Places in Mexico

All at least once we have gone to Cancun, but to have fun at night or sunbathe like iguana during the day. When I found this photo I thought it was some tropical paradise in the Polynesians, but I never thought I would be here, super close. You definitely have to get away!



4. Yelapa, Hidden Places in Mexico City

Yelapa, Hidden Places in Mexico City

Puerto Vallarta is well hidden this beach but it is worth to know it. This little corner "where waters meet" is ideal if you want to disconnect from the noise of the city, because the people of this paradise leads a super rustic life and relax; You will have to arrive by boat from Puerto Vallarta because there is no way to do it by car.



5. Punta Mita, Most Underrated Mexican Destinations

Punta Mita, Best Destination Hidden in Mexico

This place will remind you of some movie jungle, but the father is in Nayarit, Mexico. They are pristine beaches, with green hills and white sand, which you can not miss, is somewhat withdrawn, but excellent for a road trip.


So I do not know you, but I'll throw myself on this bridge to some of these destinations in Mexico. Do not forget to tell me your experience in one of these places.


If I could sum up Mexico in one word ... without hesitation I would use the magic word. And is that beyond the problems that are experienced today, whether social, political or economic, my country does not cease to amaze me every day. Especially when I see amazing natural landscapes that leave you speechless, extraordinary geology and especially the warmth of its people that greets you with a smile.


I hope that, like me, enjoy this collection of places, most of which are still unknown by many, which will surely be added to your list of trips to be undertaken.



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