12 Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Winter

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Among many places that are always among the ones desired for the next trip is New Zealand. New Zealand is amazing in any of the seasons, each of them offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique way all this incredible country. The most popular season of the year is usually in summer, which starts in December and coincides also with the Christmas holidays. Celebrating Christmas in summer we love, but .... And in winter?


To many we are scared the idea of going to New Zealand in winter, we tend to think that it is too cold for us. That makes that there are not so many people traveling in winter, that's why it is considered low season in the great majority of the kiwi territory.


Winter comes and what we least want is to leave home. Hot chocolates, flannel pajamas and a comfortable blanket are craving. We would never think of going to a place where it is even colder than we are feeling - but this may just be the best adventure of the season. Winter in New Zealand means the arrival of snow, and with it the fun. Also, winter means you can explore the beautiful island of the south without the heaps of tourists arriving every year.


Here are 12 reasons why you should visit New Zealand during the winter:


12 Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Winter


The country is not dead in winter, on the contrary, offers us many and better opportunities and here are some examples:


1) The Ski Slopes Open, Snow Sports Destination For Snowboarding

Ski Open Best Winter Vacation Spots in New Zealand

In New Zealand there are several ski slopes spread between the two main islands. For all lovers of snow sports is the ideal destination, in addition to the incredible views you have from the slopes. If you do not decide between surfing or snowboarding, in Taranaki, for example, you can practice both sports the same day Flipa!



2) The migrations of whales, more penguins and seals.

Best places to view on winter in New Zealand

During the winter months, the gigantic Humpback Whales make their migrations and appear along the coast of New Zealand, which lies on their route from Antarctica to the Tropics.


In New Zealand you can see penguins and seals all year round, but in the winter many penguins and seals climb up to the shores of the North Island too, so you have many more opportunities to see them for more places.



3) More Accommodation Options in New Zealand

More Accommodation Options in New Zealand

As it is low season and there are less people traveling during the winter season, we will not find the problem of not finding accommodation, since normally (not counting ski areas), there are usually free rooms in all backpakcers, hostels, Hotels ... That also gives us the freedom to improvise without having to book days in advance.



4) The Roads Are Empty For Winter in New Zealand

Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Winter

There is no traffic, no stress, freedom to stop where you want and make all those photos you always wanted to do.



5) Glaciers, Bigger and Better in New Zealand.

reasons to visit New Zealand during the winter

You can go visit the glaciers all year round, but in winter they are bigger and look better.



6) Hot springs

Reasons Why You Should Travel to New Zealand in Winter

New Zealand is a country full of natural hot springs, what better than in winter for a natural bath in the snow.



7) Everything is much cheaper in New Zealand.

Reasons to visit the North Island

Being low season, everything comes cheaper in winter.

  • Rent or buy a vehicle.
  • A room in a backpacker, hotel ...
  • Study
  • Rent a room
  • Sightseeing / Touristic activities



8) The southern aurora of New Zealand.

reasons for a winter road trip in New Zealand

The Austral Auroras are usually seen during the winter months, when the sun is on the opposite side of the planet, the best places to see them are at Mount Cook, Tekapo Lake, South Island South and Stewart Island.



9) With snow, the scenery is more beautiful in New Zealand

Thinking about visiting New Zealand in winter

The landscapes in New Zealand are already spectacular by themselves, but if they are also snowy they are irresistible.



10) It's not too cold either!

reasons to wander around New Zealand in winter

In New Zealand the climate varies widely depending on where you are, there are subtropical areas in the North Island that is not so cold and in the North of the South Island the climate is also very mild.



11) Ice Skating in New Zealand.

reasons why New Zealand a great winter destination

During the winter season artificial ice rinks are set up in several cities, but another gift of nature is to skate on a frozen lake in Diamond Lake for example



12) Climbing on ice

reason to visit New Zealand this ski season

The dream of many mountaineers, to be able to use all the equipment of ice climbing, to enjoy the experience and the best views from above.


Without doubt, it is a country full of incomparable views, snowy mountains and crystalline lakes, which is worth visiting in any season. We could continue to give reasons but we are afraid that New Zealand collapses now that it is winter and it is so good



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