10 Romantic Destinations For Traveling Couples

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synchronicitytimes.com - Do you plan a trip for two, but you've run out of ideas? Make your heart throb again with these romantic destinations we have chosen for you. You love to travel and your partner too. Great! But where are you going on your first trip together? Or what destination do you choose when you've seen it all? Take a look at these romantic destinations that we propose and get ideas for that getaway that you have so much desire to do.


10 Romantic Destinations For Traveling Couples


For the first time:

Fez, Morocco. Best Destinations For Couples

Romantic Destinations For Couples in Marocco

If the walls of Bou Inania madrasa speak ...


Traveling for the first time with the couple can break the relationship or secure it. Fortunately, we have chosen the perfect destination for you to de-stress: Fez, Morocco. Stay tuned in the Medina of Fez (or Fes el Bali), the oldest walled part of the city. The mixture of spices, local handicrafts and a lot of interesting people will enter you through the eyes, nose, ears ... As soon as you see the Bou Inania madrasa, you will forget about those scaffolding that cover other dilapidated buildings of the medina. The madrasa is one of the sites of Morocco accessible to those who do not profess the faith of Islam. It was founded in the second half of the 14th century and has recently been restored.


But what will really awaken all your senses is the tannery Chouara. The strong smell and vivid colors of the windows of the buildings, arranged as if it were a beehive, will be the perfect background for a photograph that you can use every time you remember the time you fell in love in Morocco.



For Nature Lovers:

Big Sky, Montana, Best Vacations For Couples

Big Sky, Montana, Best Vacations For Couples

A bison that also seeks love in Big Sky, Montana


Grab your desire for adventure and make it a reality in Big Sky, Montana. An hour's drive away, the vast landscapes of West Yellowstone Park will make you feel how tiny we are in the face of immense Nature, especially if you run into bison, rocky rams, wolves or even bears. It depends on when you visit, you can do some things or others. In winter, you can take a dog sled tour, and in summer, raft down the canyon Gallatin Canyon. As for romantic accommodation there is also a great deal to choose from: you can camp in style by glamping, with elegant tents, or you can stay in the picturesque cabins, ranches or hotels near Yellowstone.


After hopping up and down Lone Mountain, treat yourself and make up for the pain in your feet by buying some cowboy boots at the Carter's Boots store in Bozeman Village. Then run to a bar to release them while you have a beer.



For Adrenaline Addicts:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Romantic Destinations For Couples

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Romantic Destinations For Couples

The passion for football in Rio de Janeiro


If your partner and you are football fans, put on your Rio shirt and go to Rio de Janeiro. Although the Olympics and the World Cup have already been held, sport is still the king in Rio de Janeiro. You can kick off adrenaline by practicing paddle surfing in Barra Canal on Praia dos Amores beach or fly over Mount Pedra Bonita.


Copacabana beach is also perfect for challenging your sweetheart to a friendly soccer match (it's like beach volleyball, but not using hands but feet, beach soccer), or put on a bodybuilding session with locals at Outdoor gyms. At AtivoRio they let you sign up to play soccer games with the locals. You can also join the SightRunning runners. In short, a combination of sport and tourism perfect for (hyper) active couples.



For couples with children:

Saint Lucia, Best Places for Couples with Children

Saint Lucia, Best Places for Couples with Children

If you are traveling with children, choose Gros Islet


It does not matter if you are already a few years old or if you have children, if you like to travel, do it! Our Gros Islet destination fits the whole family. Young children love the beach, but they can also sign up for a lot of activities planned for the little ones in Santa Lucia hotels. You can also do things in family like going to the amusement parks to jump in zip line.


Do you want to do something more educational, but fun at the same time? Well go dive to Rodney Bay and discover the underwater life. And if you, the couple, want to take a day trip, taking advantage of the fact that the children are busy in the thousands of organized activities, prepare a romantic escape to the sulfur springs of Soufrière or give some coumacos under the waterfall Toraille Waterfall.



A getaway to a destination open to gay tourism:

Sitges, Spain. Best Destination to Gay Couple

Sitges, Spain Best Destination to Gay Couple

Soak up the sun and fall in love with Sitges beach


If your partner and you like the party, Sitges is your destination! This city is superbly located, only 40 minutes by bus from Barcelona. It was once known for its bohemian atmosphere and for being the center of the artistic subculture. Today is one of the favorite destinations of the LGBT community for its party, its pride and good weather. When you get tired of the pool, go to one of the bars on Dos de Mayo Street, where you will not feel out of place to be gay, or even go to one of the magnificent nudist beaches. Each epoch has its festival: the carnival in February, the Gay Pride party in June, the Festival in August and a film festival in October.


But if your party is not going, then you'd better plan your trip outside of the high season. The sun always shines in Sitges, so come in late fall or winter and enjoy the almost empty beaches or gaze at the beautiful villas of the XX century of the promenade, while catching a few rays of sun.



For couples with little budget, but a lot of heart:

Brasov, Romania. Best Vacation For Couples With Little Budget

Brasov, Romania. Best Vacation For Couples With Little Budget

Two lovers in Brasov


One way ticket for two to Brasov, please! Once you discover this small and romantic Romanian city you will not want to come back. As if drawn from a fairy tale, the cobbled streets of the city will take you through cafés and colorful shop windows. Enjoy a good coffee for less than 2 euros (9 Romanian lei). If you want to explore, take the car and get out of the city center for about 40 minutes until you reach Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle, where you can let your imagination run wild.


After a visit to the Black Church, named after the great fire of 1689 that blackened its walls, head for the hill with a cable car or on foot, following the tree-lined road that ends at the top of Mount Tâmpa. From there you can make the photo of the poster of Brasov written in white Hollywood-style letters.



For urbanite lovers:

Seoul, South Korea, Best Vacations For Urbanite Couples

Seoul, South Korea, Best Vacations For Urbanite Couples

Photo session at the Seoul Love Wall


If you like to take photos with your sweetheart, then Seoul will love you. On your first day of turisteo, your partner and you (like many other couples) you should not miss the photo so cool that is taken from the Tower Seoul N. There they have placed a heart-shaped benches for couples to bathe with The thousands of padlocks that cover the Wall of love in the background.


You will see that Seoul is a very romantic city, especially if you visit the small island of Namiseom. Located about 60 kilometers from Seoul, it is perfect to take a photo at any time of year with those paths bordered by chestnut trees. Another good way to end the day is to visit the DIY Ring Café in Hongdae fashion district, where you can make your own costume jewelry accessory.



For newlyweds lovers of the beach:

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Best Places for Honeymoon

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Best Places for Honeymoon

A sunset on the beaches of Puerto Plata


You have already cut the cake, you have thrown the bouquet and your bags are ready to escape to Puerto Plata, one of the least tourist and paradisiacal beach destinations in the Dominican Republic. Get out of the hotel's magnificent beachfront room and discover the historic center or bathe in Playa Bergantin.


The Creole culture of African and Caribbean ancestry will set the rhythm of the night party to the rhythm of merengue, a music that you will not be able to resist. After dancing, refréscate drinking a sip of Mamajuana, a Dominican liquor famous for being an aphrodisiac. Surely you regain strength to return to the dance floor ... or to go straight to the room!



For Hungry Hearts:

Istria, Croatia. Best Places for Romantic Couple

Istria, Croatia. Best Places for Romantic Couple

Fall in love with Rovinj


They say you can conquer a person through the stomach. If that is true, the Croatian peninsula of Istria has a lot to offer you, such as fresh fish or white truffle dishes, for example. Here they produce the Croatian gourmet olive oil, their "liquid gold", which is used in dishes such as shank (battered prawns or steamed mussels) or pljukanci (hand rolled pasta), which are the reflection of the Mediterranean blend with Continental Europe.


Its landscape of blue waters contrasts with the green of the mountains. Surely that gives you a lot of conversation topic for the desserts ... Although remember, it is not polite to talk with your mouth full, so you better finish that fritule (a kind of Croatian gift) before opening your mouth. Go home with the shopping cart full after visiting the market port of Rovinj, located just below the hill where is the Church of Santa Eufemia, with its bell tower of 60 meters high. And to complete this romantic package, grab a bottle of Istrian wine and take the ferry from Rovinj to Venice, which operates during the summer season.



For a romantic vacation without any expense:

French Polynesia. Best Vacation For Romantic Couple

French Polynesia. Best Vacation For Romantic Couple

Fall in love with Bora Bora


If you are one of those couples with good salaries and no children, perhaps what concerns you most when choosing a destination is not whether there is day care or not at the hotel, but if you can have the vacation of a lifetime. If so, wear something light, do not forget the sunscreen and embark on a trip to the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. There you will find a lot of luxury hotels with private white sand beaches and bungalows.


If you are looking for a romantic vacation, Bora Bora is your destination: picnics on private beaches, swimming among colorful fish, drinking Tahitian vanilla-flavored Mojitos, helicopter over Mount Otemanu or a day of shopping in the municipal market of Pape'ete , In Tahiti. All these proposals are excursions that you can do.

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