10 Best Places Tourist Destinations in Venezuela

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With an enviable location in South America and with 916,445 square kilometers of territory, Venezuela is also a country blessed with a wide variety of tourist destinations; Among them: enchanting cities, snowy mountains, paradisiac beaches, dunes, plains and tepuyes, constitute the main postcards that we will find, in our tour of this beautiful country.


What are the best tourist attractions in Venezuela? Well today the list of the best 10 is dedicated to the best places to visit by tourists in Venezuela. Undoubtedly Venezuela, was among the first in line as far as natural wonders are concerned. Discover everything you can not miss: Paradise beaches, Caribbean islands, charming cities and nature reserves. Check the list below!


10 Best Places Tourist Destinations in Venezuela



1. Margarita Island

Margarita Island best tourist in venezuela

One of the most famous tourist spots in Venezuela, an island surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, famous for its dream coastline, where paradisiac beaches, luxurious hotel infrastructures and picturesque fishing bays take place. We are one of the most luxurious destinations in all of Venezuela and the place of the best rumbas and parties of the country, in addition we can find a lot of nightlife, resorts and spas of luxury, besides beaches and hotels of first world although they exist for all the pockets . An authentic pearl of the Caribbean.


In addition to its attractive beaches, Margarita Island is famous for its shopping tourism offer, given its status as Puerto Libre, with large shopping centers and shops of important brands, especially concentrated in the cities of Porlamar and Pampatar. If the previous destinations of Venezuela said that they were unique and paradisiacal, prepare yourself because this is sublime and almost divine. We are facing a world-famous archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we find landscapes that seem to be drawn from fairy tales or definitely from other planets, simply and simply spectacular, calm waters, finite and incredible sand and a unique biodiversity of this area of the world.



2. Archipelago of the Roques

Archipelago of the Roques best destination to vacation in Venezuela

Another of the paradisiacal tourist places of Venezuela to visit in the Caribbean region, a coral atoll formed by some fifty islands and hundreds of small cays, where probably some of the most paradisiacal beaches of the country are hidden, characterized by their white sands and warm waters Crystalline.


The whole is part of the Los Roques Archipelago National Park, which ensures some protection over its idyllic natural surroundings, with most of the tourist services being concentrated in small inns located on Isla El Gran Roque, the only inhabited area in the archipelago.



3. Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park best places tourist in Venezuela

Located on the border with Guyana and Brazil, it corresponds to one of the most famous natural jewels in Venezuela, a park declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, whose vast extent places it among the largest national parks in the world. If they thought that the previous destiny was insurmountable, nothing far from the reality. The park of Gran Sabana and Canaima is the largest in Latin America, with an exemption of 3 million hectares, which cover a large part of the Bolivar State. It is the largest waterfalls in the world, the anacondas and one Of the most spectacular rock formation areas in the world, these formations have astounded scientists all over the planet for decades.


Among the spectacular scenery of the park, there are impressive rock formations, with vertical walls and almost flat peaks, known as "tepuyes", such as its huge waterfalls, among which are El Kukenan and Angel Falls, the latter, the Highest waterfall in the world.



4. Morrocoy National Park

Morrocoy National Park Best Atractions in Venezuela

Another national park that could not be out of any ranking of the best tourist places in Venezuela, encompassing a vast territory of land and water areas in the Golfo Triste area, gulf located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Delicious beaches, unique natural landscapes, islands, private beaches, islets and cays among which are Borracho, Pelón, Sombrero, Sal, Playuela and Peraza. Undoubtedly the beaches of Morrocoy in Venezuela are spectacular, you can go hiking or just relax and rest and enjoy the beach in this paradisiac place.


In the terrestrial zone of the park they are characteristic the areas of exuberant mangroves and beautiful coves where they extend beaches of white sands and turquoise waters. While its marine area has the appeal of its privileged underwater scenarios, where to practice snorkeiling in ecosystems of extraordinary biodiversity.



5. Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park best beaches in Venezuela

Beautiful natural scenery park, including coral reefs and mangrove swamps in the coastal area, as well as thousands of humid and cloudy forests in the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera. We are making the best destinations in Venezuela for tourism and if you like the previous ones, prepare yourself the best. With beaches, archipelagos and islands with beaches many of them virgin, Mochima located between the cities of Barcelona and Puerto la Cruz and a unique formation of mountains that literally kiss the sea. The best, you can reach all these natural wonders full of spectacular biodiversity, using the area's boat service.


The greatest fame of the place comes from its Caribbean beaches, both those that extend in the continental zone and those hidden between the numerous islands of the park. Among them, one can not fail to mention Playa Colorada, a beautiful beach with crystalline waters and golden sands surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves.



6. Puerto la Cruz

Puerto la Cruz best vacation to visit in Venezuela

It is a port city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, known for its extensive tourist development, with both an extensive hotel infrastructure and an attractive range of entertainment, especially concentrated on Paseo Colón, with numerous restaurants and nightspots. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Venezuela, given the media and economic impetus they have given in recent years. This port has an important economic power and that is reflected in its infrastructure, high buildings, beautiful beaches, world-class transport with an innovative electric train in its design and an important tourist community that is already resident in Puerto la Cruz.


Although the city itself does not have spectacular beaches, from its jetty there are boats that shortly transfer to the paradisiac beaches of the islands of Mochima National Park, among which are the nearby Isla de Plata, Las Chimanas, Cachicamo and Rubber.



7. Merida

Merida best tourist places in Venezuela

This university city is another attractive place to visit in Venezuela, enchanting both its beautiful landscapes of surrounding mountains and its valuable historical heritage, housing numerous colonial buildings in its historic center. We are in front of another national park, this time Sierra Nevada, which is the perfect place for winter holidays in Venezuela, as it has paradisiacal landscapes adorned by the permanent snowy peaks, including the highest of Venezuela with a height of 5009 mts, on the sea level.


Among its most famous tourist sites is the Sierra Nevada National Park, a beautiful natural reserve of snowy mountains, lagoons and cloud forests. Its access through the highest cable car in the world, is another of its attractions, a route of 12.5 kilometers, which manages to communicate the city of Merida with Pico Espejo, the highest peak in the country with 4.765 m.s.n.m.



8. The Medanos of Coro

The Medanos of Coro best destinations to vacation in Venezuela

Town with a historic quarter and a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to numerous historical monuments and colonial buildings, which reflect an interesting mix of Spanish and Dutch influences. Medanos de Coro, a unique desert landscape in Venezuela, is a National Park and a World Heritage Site proclaimed by UNESCO in 1993 due to its historical and economic past.


In addition to its colonial zone, the city presents the attraction of its magnificent natural surroundings, among which are the National Park Los Medanos de Coro, with sand dunes in continuous movement and the Caribbean beaches of the Paraguaná peninsula.



9. Orinoco Delta National Park

Orinoco Delta National Park best places to couple in Venezuela

One of the best tourist places in Venezuela for lovers of ecotourism, comprising a vast area of humid tropical forest that surrounds the delta of the mouth of the Orinoco River, where the river branches in hundreds of canals also known as pipes.


The most attractive activities of the park are related to the navigation of the canals or rivers, excursions in the jungle and the visit to the indigenous communities of the Waraos. Although the tourism offer is quite rustic, you can choose to spend the night in basic camps near the various channels or take excursions from Tucupita, the state capital.



10. Colonia Tovar, Edo

Colonia Tovar best places tourist in venezuela

A charming little town located just 42 kilometers from Caracas, a town founded at the end of the 19th century by German immigrants, where both its picturesque wooden architecture and its traditions and festivities are still noticeable. We are in front of an authentic German colony outside Germany, cloistered in the cold mountains of the state of Aragua and only 2 hours from Caracas, we find Colonia Tovar one of the most picturesque villages of Venezuela, this is an ideal village for rest, contact With nature, ideal to escape from the noisy city of Caracas, recommended for romantic plans or visit with family.


Eating German food in its restaurants, visiting pottery workshops, tasting sweets and preserves or drinking beer typical of the region, are part of the activities that can be done on site.



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