10 Best Places to Vacations With Friends

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There are wonderful destinations, but certainly an important part of your trip is the company you have, because traveling the world with the family has its touch touch, with the couple a romantic air, but traveling with your friends ensures a journey full of Anecdotes, follies and laughter. To contribute to this, there are places that are predisposed for your partners to have an amazing stay, whether for their surroundings, attractions or type of people, these cities are worth considering when planning your next odyssey with your usual group of partners in crime. This is 10 best places to travel with friends.


Best Vacations For Groups Of Friends


1. Amsterdam

One of the most cosmopolitan and liberal cities in the world, this is certainly a place you should ever travel with your friends. Why? Because it is one of the world capitals of beer, because there are countless bars and pubs to enjoy, eat, sing and dance. Yes the next morning, they still have energy, they can enjoy "by day" the impressive architecture of the city that mix almost perfectly the classic with the modern.



2. Madeira

This Portuguese island lives entirely in tourism. Every year thousands of visitors come from all over the world who seek their exquisite temperate climate and the warmth of their precious waters. The reasons why you should travel to this island with your friends is that it is one of the few places in Europe that resembles a Caribbean island and because in Madeira there is always a new place to explore and discover.



3. Las Vegas

impossible not to include in this list the city that never sleeps, which has dozens of casinos, clubs, resorts and restaurants to gloat. Also known as the Sin City, Las Vegas, you can start the Grand Canyon in the morning and share a drink with Elvis at night. That yes, beware of the glasses, because more than some good friends became brave and ended up getting married in one of the available chapels. Although for several this is not a problem because they say "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Vegas."


best vacations for a group of friends


4. Chile Island

who did not have that unforgettable backpacking with friends? And one of the usual destinations is the south of our country, specifically Chile, a must if traveling with friends is about. And they say that there is nothing like the magic of the south, and what better to enjoy it with your partners in the light of a hugging campfire, a delicious curanto in pit, the colorful of the stilts and, if they are lucky, can be seen Wrapped in a funny minga. Because Chile always surprises, with panoramas, adventures, myths, legends and much more.



5. Piura

Continuing with the backpacking, another destination that has been added to the agenda of these adventurers has been this northern Peruvian city. Ideal for those who want to travel South America and look for a stop to enjoy the surf, its gastronomy and beautiful landscapes.



6. Rio De Janeiro

And if Brazil is the country of joy, Rio is the city of eternal happiness, not only because of the warmth of its people, but also because of all that travelers find in each of their Corners Beaches, girls, samba, idyllic landscapes, privileged views and more. And nothing better than sharing all of the above with the friends of life. An afternoon of Volleyball in Ipanema, a trip to Sugar Loaf or see a match in the MaracanĂ¡ will be unforgettable memories of one of the most beautiful cities of our continent.


best places to go on vacation with friends

7. Tobia

Located in Colombia 74 km from Bogota, this city is known today as a destination for those who seek extreme sports in a paradisiacal environment. The waterfall of Barandillas with a height of 55 meters or rafting on the Rio Negro are just some of the attractions of this area. Yes your thing with your friends is the adventure of high caliber, believe me this is the place for you.



8. Orlando

Ok, let's face it, the magic of Disney attracts and attracts at any age. Because even if we are 100 years old it will always be a content desire to get started at this amusement park and enjoy the thousands of attractions it has. There is nothing like taking the child we carry inside with the best friends and in that place that, perhaps, always wanted to go in their childhood but for different reasons they could not and now can access.


best places to travel with a group of friends

9. Los Angeles CA

Continuing with the northern country, another ideal city to travel with your buddies is Los Angeles, California. "The place where dreams come true" so at least many stars believed that they came looking for fame and they succeeded. Most likely, you are going to look for other types of dreams, to collect stories and anecdotes with those who are your brothers by choice. Also, visit the recording studios or a rich beach afternoon at L.A. Will be the perfect seal to complete this journey.



10. New Zealand

Aplace without stereotypes or prejudices, as far as everyone, from all sides. Because so is this wonderful country, a place that everyone wants to go, because their landscapes are considered for epic films and because every city is a different world because cosmopolitan has become New Zealand in its entirety. Traveling it takes about a year and there are already hundreds of groups of friends who have rented mini vans to travel as a group to the lightness that everyone wants, because when you travel with friends no one hurries them.


If you have already decided on one of these destinations, call your best friends and encourage yourself to make that long awaited trip, after all, destinations are too much for you.


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