10 Best Places in The World To Rafting

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hotelia.us - For lovers of the best and most popular whitewater sport, we summarize what National Geographic has considered the best 10 rafting in the world. In order to carry out this classification, we have taken into account not only the characteristics of the river itself, but also the beauty of the surroundings, the spectacular scenery of inaccessible canyons, etc. Today we present some of the sites that this world renowned medium has listed as the best places to rafting in the world. Today we leave you with the 10 places in the world for rafting, according to National Geographic:


10 Best Places in The World To Rafting



1. The Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Alaska - Canada) Best Places in The World to Rafting

Best Places in The World To Rafting


Alaska is one of the best places in the world for rafting. The landscape of this area, with its glaciers, mountains, flowing rivers, firs, moose, bears ... is simply a unique experience to rafting in Alaska and Canada.


At the end of the Tatshenshini river you will arrive at Lake Alsek, a beautiful place with icebergs. These rivers flow border between Alaska and Canada, that gives us an idea of the climate so cold that we will find a completely white water. This facilitates the formation of glaciers and icebergs, which is one of the attractions of this stretches of rafting besides the very mountainous landscape. The territory is totally wild, which will give us the possibility of seeing brown bears and elk.



2. Rafting on the Magpie River (Canada)

Rafting on the Magpie River (Canada)


A seaplane will take us to Lake Magpie to start from here the 8 day trip through pine forests in a remote area of eastern Quebec. The first rapids will begin when leaving the lake and its difficulty will increase until arriving at Class V to be able to see the spectacular Magpie Falls (Magpie Falls). At night you will camp on the banks of the river enjoying beautiful nights surrounded by nature and the beauty of the northern lights.


This rafting is offered as an 8-day trek through one of Quebec's most hidden areas. We'll have to get in with a seaplane to the exit point of the stretch, on Lake Magpie, something about Canada is not so strange. At that point we will begin rafting on the Urraca River, which will not stop to decrease in intensity and difficulty. Presents level V rapids in the one of Urraca Falls. Definitely an experience for adventurers who like the forest and the cold weather.



3. Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho Is Best Places to Rafting

Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho, Is Best Places to Rafting


is one of the most popular whitewater rivers in which we will find class IV rapids surrounded by a beautiful alpine landscape. It is one of the most popular whitewater rafting in the world. It has rapids up to level IV, so even being an advanced rafting has a little more commercial attraction than the rest. One of the main attractions is the inhospitable areas of desert and forests where we can see bears.



4. Upano River, Ecuador, Best River to Rafting Sport

Upano River, Ecuador, Best River to Rafting Sport


The route begins in the town of Macas, located on the periphery of the western end of the Amazon Basin. We will embark to enjoy the river between spectacular canyons, class IV rapids and beautiful waterfalls. It is a rafting in tropical climate, which always softens the conditions a little, although the river is a very demanding medium. It is a rafting that alternates the quiet strolls with the zone of rapids of level IV in the zone of canyons. The best known areas is the Quebrada Namangosa, in which also the rapids of higher level we can see the waterfalls that forms the landscape.



5. Futaleufú River, Chile for Best Rafting

Futaleufú River, Chile for Best Rafting


The blue waters of this river come from the glaciers that are found in the Andes of Patagonia. This river is excellent for rafting, for beginners as well as for the most experienced, with class V rapids. To this river we have dedicated a special section in the section of rafting commercial extremes. It is one of the most popular rafting in the world with steps of Level V. It is an alpine rafting, that is formed with the water of the Andes and that has an unmistakable blue color.



6. North Johnstone River, Best Places to Rafting in Australia

North Johnstone River, Best Places to Rafting in Australia


This river is located in the tropical zone north of Queensland, where we will find class IV and V rapids, and amidst white water, volcanic gorges and tropical forests, ... To start this trip, we will have to go up in a helicopter that will take us to The beginning of the course, since it is only accessible by air.


It is a class IV and V rafting, so it is an advanced level, runs through the state of Queensland among volcanic gullies in Palmerston National Park. One of the main features of this stretch of river is that it is only accessible by air, so a helicopter will have to take us to the point of embarkation. That makes it one of the most inaccessible rafting in the world but also the most beautiful and desired.



7. Sun Kosi River, Nepal is Beautiful Places to Rafting

Beautiful Places to Rafting


Close to the border with Tibet and its majestic mountains, this river offers a magnificent option for rafting near the Himalayas, with class V rapids, through gorges, canyons, ... and with a spectacular view of the landscape. It is a stretch that has a very genuine charm and charm as it runs between the highest peaks in the world, in the Himalayan ridge. It is a section with steps of level V that runs very well, which amplifies the experience. The final stretch of the route, which runs to the Ganges, runs through the rainforest so we can enjoy the fauna (monkeys and other species will be seen without problems).



8. Çoruh River, Turkey is Best places to Rafting

is Best places to Rafting


This river is one of the highest in the world and runs between spectacular gorges overlooking the beautiful Kaçkar mountains, the extreme north-east of Turkey. The Coruh can be considered as one of the fastest rivers in the world. It runs through gorges in the most inhospitable and beautiful areas of Turkey. In addition to being a spectacular rafting experience with very fun and continuous steps, this stretch has a great attraction in song to the fauna and the historical ruins, many of them of the Byzantine Empire.



9. Noce River, Italy. Best River to Rafting

Noce River, Italy is Best River to Rafting


Its waters come from the glaciers of the Alps and offer one of the most exciting white water in Europe, including a series of class V rapids and the gorges of Mostizzolo. You could not miss in this ranch some rafting of the mountain range of the Alps. That is why we highlight this rafting stages in the Dolomites, is one of the most attractive rafting in Europe for including Class V steps in the northern Italian gorges of the Mostizzolo. It is certainly an option for rafting of the highest level without having to move to very exotic places or take very expensive trips.



10. Zambezi River, Zimbawe Zambia (Africa)

Zambezi River, Zimbawe Zambia (Africa)


that runs between gorges, offers 23 rapids for 24 km. (15 miles), below the Victoria Falls. On the Zambezi we find the most famous and popular rafting on the African continent. This river we expanded in our article the most extreme rafting in the world. It runs through the throat of Botaka, waters beneath the famous Victoria Falls. It is a river of an impressive volume with an incomparable landscape in which we will have to be careful with the inhabitants of the river: the hippos.



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