10 Best Diving Destinations in the World

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The charm of the oceans is like the siren song for sailors in mythology books, a call that few can resist. If you belong to that crowd that marvels at the beauty of the sea, you are probably interested in reading about these best destinations where you can enjoy the diving or directly visit them to let you marvel at the underwater world.


10 Best Diving Destinations in the World


1. The Bahamas in the Western Atlantic

The Bahamas Best Diving Destinations in the World

The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands spanning more than 160,000 kilometers of the Western Atlantic Ocean. It is characterized by its formation by the sinking of a plateau that results in the shallow seas that are in the zone of the coast. The average depth of the sea is almost 7,000 meters, except when the deep submarine ditch, called "The Language of the Ocean" cuts through the submerged plateau.


A warm ocean now surrounds these islands and is responsible for the marine life that inhabits them, particularly coral reefs. Here you can have endless adventures and immerse yourself inside the longest cave by venturing into a network of caves found on Grand Bahama Island.


There are good separate areas for snorkeling and exploring the caves and wrecks where you can snorkel at the Blue Holes. You should not miss the Biminis, Abacos, Eleuthera, Cat Island, San Salvador and Inagua if you want to get the most out of your Bahamas diving vacation.



2. Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Sea

Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Sea Best Diving Destinations in the World

The coasts of Papua New Guinea are marked by rugged mountainous terrain that is difficult to cross. Papua New Guinea lies at the confluence of three seas distinguish; The Bismarck Sea, the Sea of Solomon and the Coral Sea, and therefore a site of rich marine flora and fauna.


In these islands you can stop to study the marine life and the found rest of the shipwrecks of World War II in the Sea of Bismarck. You can get a stay aboard a dive boat, or start your adventure from the facilities they have on land. However, if you insist on having a real dive party, it is best to visit Kimbe Bay, Madang, Rabaul and Kavieng to immerse yourself in full.


A true diving experience unforgettable.


3. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands Best Diving Destinations in the World

The Galapagos Islands archipelago is a true paradise for divers because of its wide and beautiful range of marine life and difficult geographical conditions. It is advisable to be advised by the shops or schools of diving to know which areas are best suited to your level and to obtain the right to the different diving gear to adapt to the varying temperatures. You should also know how to deal with the sea creatures, currents, and the form and depth of immersion in different places to enjoy the experience.


The Galápagos Pacific water is crystal clear, and as such, there is nothing to stop your view of the goldfish at depths of 15 to 25 meters. In some places you can find sparkling water due to the rich presence of phytoplankton. Most of the islands in the Galapagos group are suitable for diving in currents, night diving and deep diving.



4. Rangiroa, Polynesia

Rangiroa, Polynesia Best Diving Destinations in the World

The extensive coast of Rangiroa is among the largest atolls in the world and is definitely the largest island in Tahiti. Its intricate network of islets and coral rings are home to several species of marine animals. Rangiroa is basically divided into two different dive sites located near the lagoon of Motu Paio and Toru Tiputa pass. Both places offer fantastic views of the marine wealth of French Polynesia.


The average water temperature is maintained around 21 ° C to 27 ° C (70 F and 80 F) in summer, and therefore, Rangiroa is a year-round diving destination. The maximum depth is about 24 meters and you should take a dive boat to see the dolphins, sharks, manta rays and catfish swimming around you.



5. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico Best Diving Destinations in the World

The Riviera Maya is located along the 400 road that runs parallel along the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The reef formations of the Mesoamerican Reef System that are distributed along the coasts attract tourists and divers. The best way to explore this subterranean river network is to make a scheduled route to dive. You can see the wonderful natural phenomenon in the formation of carbonate caves, due to the mixture of fresh and salt water.


In fact, the Riviera Maya is Best Destination to Vacation in Caribbean contains the longest of two underwater cave systems in the world, called Sac Actun and Ox Bel Ha. These places offer strange divers situations, such as freshwater creatures swimming above the floods of Saline water If you are a beginner in scuba diving, you can go scuba diving on the reefs of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Experienced divers can enjoy the unparalleled experience of cave diving and dolphins at Dos Ojos. You can access a wide range of facilities including trips on diving boat board between each station.



6. Gran Barrera de Coral, Australia

Gran Barrera de Coral, Australia Best Diving Destinations in the World

Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world, submerged under the warm waters of northern Australia, is made up of 2800 different reefs with their color, beauty and variety of unsurpassed forms that cover an area of almost 350,000 square kilometers, making it the Greater structure formed by living beings and one of the wonders of the planet. Since 1981 it is considered a World Heritage Site. This place is considered as one of the best in the world to enjoy when it comes to diving.



7. Little Cayman, British West Indies

Little Cayman, British West Indies Best Diving Destinations in the World

The smallest of the Cayman Islands is a dependency of the United Kingdom located in the Caribbean Sea, to the south of Cuba. This is an abode of rare species of birds and aquatic animals. If you choose Little Cayman Island as a diving destination, you should make your visit between June and August, when the water temperature is still favorable and the calm sea allows maximum visibility. The northern part of the island, with a protected marine park is the best area for diving. There you can sail in anchor boats, (although it is forbidden and everyone must be responsible and consistent with what he does).


If you like snorkeling near the surging walls, you can approach the Bloody Bay Wall on the northwest side of the islands. You can descend to a depth of more than 3,000 meters and observe the ocean world practically unalterable up to a distance of 30 meters. Jackson Bay is another high point of diving in the Little Cayman Islands, from where you can wade into the Big Blue. When exploring cracks and underwater tunnels, you can find a reef of sharks above the walls where you can appreciate the beauty of our shark, rays, eagle rays and turtles. Of course a fun dive destination.



8. Bonaire

Bonaire Best Diving Destinations in the World

The geographical location of Bonaire is perfect for the flowering of aquatic flora and fauna. Its perfectly calm waters and the natural shelters of the trade winds stimulate the growth of the corals making this place a beautiful destination for a family holiday.


As a diver, you can enjoy the exploration of its marine parks full of the living richness of the waters of the Caribbean. The place has been preserved as a virgin dive site and its crystalline waters with a visibility of up to 45 meters, offer a paradise to underwater photographers.



9. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

 Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands Best Diving Destinations in the World

Located in the middle of the Micronesia Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Bikini Atoll is counted as a part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. This group of 36 islands is halfway between Australia and Honolulu, and one of the best dive sites to see sunken ships. Among the most famous remains are warships such as the former USS Saratoga and the Japanese Nagato. Bikini Atoll has also maintained a field of experimentation for the nuclear tests carried out around the 1950s.


Today, Bikini Atoll and the lagoon are one of the potential sites for diving, fishing and other water sports. Although this island is inhabited by radiation pollution, it is an abode for an incredible variety of fish and has recently become the center of attention as a diving destination. Only a handful of divers have ventured because of the $ 5,000 they ask for a week's dive vacation.


10. British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, Canada Best Diving Destinations in the World

British Columbia is the most impressive diving destination in North America, thanks to its extraordinary variety of marine life. As a diver you are rewarded with a view of shrimp, Dungeness crabs, Orca whales, sea lions, giant octopus, long cod (Ophiodon elongatus) or any other creature belonging to the 5,000 species of invertebrates and 400 species of goldfish . Its coast is protected by the maintenance of safety divers.


Although British Columbia is characterized by some of the strongest currents in the world, the mild temperature of its waters (40 degrees) will adapt perfectly to long diving expeditions. You can start by testing the slack of the tides near the rock walls that you will find underwater and slowly go to deeper water. As you swim around the crowds surrounding the straits of Vancouver Island, you can see the beauty of the colorful algae that add to the wonderful marine world.

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